Manhattan Prep GRE Review [2024]

If you are in search of a wide variety of platforms for learning modalities, then you should check out Manhattan Prep GRE as it is one of the most detailed prep courses in the online market. Based on student’s opinions and feedbacks, Manhattan is one of the best online prep books. Although some students say it does more justice to the quantitative than the verbal.

Manhattan Prep GRE Review

With comprehensive materials for studying, realistic practice tasks and several course options as well as knowledgeable instructors, students are set to succeed with Manhattan Prep GRE as there are several choices to pick from including live studies, video-on-demand courses and in-person courses.


Manhattan Prep GRE Review

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  • Simple explanation of complex concepts
  • Multiple online and offline practice tests
  • Dedicated resources for every concept
  • Approachable support team
  • Expensive
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Just like the popular prep GRE companies, Magoosh and Kaplan, Manhattan prep offers intuitive GRE practices to students online that can be traced to actual test questions and have been said to have the most qualified instructors. Below are some things to consider before taking or subscribing to the Manhattan prep course and they include;

  • A book that gives you the option to practice realistic GRE problems
  • Free trial to let you decide if Manhattan is the best option
  • Course that includes both online and classroom learning
  • Properly qualified instructions that have been said to ace the GRE.

With these factors taken into consideration, deciding on buying Manhattan prep GRE should be easier, but then another question comes to mind. Why Manhattan Prep GRE instead of the other GRE platforms online? With the advanced features, customizable tools and distinctive services available on Manhattan Prep GRE, the platform seems very welcoming to students. These features and services include;

Comprehensive study materials

One of the highlights of Manhattan Prep GRE based on students’ feedback is the fact that it offers users limitless study materials on the several courses available on the platform.

On the self-paced course, students will get access to video lessons and in-depth materials. It also comes with books for every section of the exam and several exam practices to keep students prepared. The self-paced courses also include up to nine live classroom sessions and online instructions.

Tutorial Package Flexibility

With the packages available on Manhattan Prep GRE, students will enjoy the exclusive service of personalized instructions and guidance of experts in all the learning options available on the platform including in-person and online lessons.

The hourly packages available on Manhattan Prep GRE tutorial packages include;

  • Access to all books and resources for 30 hours at $225 per hour
  • At an hourly rate of $255, students can access all books and resources between 2 to 9 hours.
  • Access to all books and resources for 10 hours at $245 per hour
  • Access to all books and resources, available at $230 per hour for 20 hours

Free Materials and Tools

Manhattan Prep GRE is also known to offer students free study materials and even comprehensive computer practice exams to help students’ preparation. They also offer challenge tests, tips, online studies that are available for free twice a month, study tools and flashcards.

Students also have the option to sign up for the free trial available on the platform for in-person or online classes before subscribing or submitting to the Manhattan Prep GRE classes which make up for its no money-back guarantee policy. Manhattan Prep GRE also offers students a communicative platform for free that lets them interact with instructors and the community generally.

Wide Variety of Options and Flexibility

With Manhattan Prep, students have a wide variety of choices to pick from as the platform provides users with the best options for online courses and live courses materials. Students can also customize their study preference and schedule with the use of study guides, realistic practice exams and on-demand video lessons.

Students also have the option of downloading and streaming the video lessons on the platform on their mobile devices and computers that have been specifically made with enough explanatory sessions that are easy to understand.

Interactive/Self-Paced Prep Course (Learn It, Drill It and Prove It)

These three terms are popularly known as Manhattans levels of earning. It is accessible on the platform’s Self-paced course, available online in three different packages which include;

  • The one month package, accessible at $249
  • The three-month package which is available at $349, and
  • The 6-month package, that costs $399

On this course, students are provided with highly interactive and enlightening videos that are adaptive to individual areas of focus and of course, increased difficulties in progressing sections of the course that adopts the three levels of learning.

What makes this course exclusive to the other courses on Manhattan GRE Prep is its distinctive features and services which include;

  • More than 70 video lessons with interactive and adaptive learning
  • A comprehensive explanation of the videos
  • More than 100,000 realistic practice problems
  • Up to 6 GRE practice tests/exams

To get the GRE complete course package available either online or in-person, a student will have to pay $1,999. This course package includes;

  • Eight 3-hours classroom sessions with in-depth instructions
  • Recordings of on-demand videos that aid students revision
  • Daily email vocabularies
  • Manhattan Prep guide book set
  • Six section adaptive practice examinations with reports on explanations and assessments
  • An official guide to the GRE book (ETS)

Engaging Teaching Strategy

Another exciting feature of Manhattan Prep GRE is its expert instructors that account for the platform’s Engaging Classroom Instructions. It creates a fun and interactive teaching strategy. This strategy helps boost students understanding by creating a subtle approach to lessons on strong/significant points.

With realistic GRE practice tests and exams on Manhattan GRE Prep, students will be able to tackle problems and answer questions that are similar to actual GRE tests. The practise tests are arranged in sections just like the actual GREs and students can skip questions for later.

The practise exam also includes a comprehensive report of students’ performance in the different sections of the exam and scores are determined based on the difficulties of the questions. The report will also render solutions to questions that weren’t properly answered which enable better chances of progress in the actual GREs.

With several amazing reports from students on Manhattan’s benefits, you can be sure that it offers students the best platform to prepare for their GRE tests. Below are the Pros and Cons of Manhattan Prep based on student’s feedback


  • Manhattan Prep designs a great weakly assignment that helps student maintain a great study plan.
  • Students have reported that the instructors ensure every member of the class understands the lessons.
  • There have been reports from students that the program helps in analytical thinking and exam preparation
  • Easy access to materials through the platform’s website
  • On-demand video lessons
  • Expert instructors
  • Realistic practice tests and exams
  • In-depth course materials


  • Some reviews suggest that program is more focused on quantitative than verbal
  • Manhattan Prep has a non-refund policy
  • There is no Manhattan Prep app
  • There is no guarantee on score increase


Although there is a no-refund policy on Manhattan Prep GRE, the feedbacks and ratings on the online scoreboard, based on students approval, as well as its free trials on the different courses help new students determine if the platform is good enough for them.

The benefits and services are aimed at improving students understanding of actual GRE tests questions which make Manhattan Prep GRE one of the best options, if not the best for GRE preparation.


1. Are the tests on Manhattan Prep GRE accurate?

Just like other predictive models, the test scores on Manhattan GRE are not 100% accurate or reliable but they offer close enough marks.

2. Are the tests on Manhattan Prep GRE close to actual GRE tests?

Yes. Manhattan Prep GRE provides students with up to 6 realistic GREs, also referred to as Mock GRE tests. Though the practice tests may not be the same as the questions on the actual GRE tests, they shed light on the type of questions to expect based on past questions and significant topics.

3. Is Manhattan Good for Verbal test practices?

Yes. With Manhattan Prep GRE, you can improve your Verbal Reasoning with realistic practice questions and personalized lessons from the expert instructors available on the platform.

4. Can I skip questions on actual GRE tests just like Manhattan GRE practice tests?

Yes. You are free to skip a question that seems too difficult in the actual GRE tests just like you can in practice tests on Manhattan. This will help save time and save you from unnecessary distractions during the tests.

5. Can I use Manhattan GRE for free?

Yes. This is possible on the platform’s free trial that lasts for three hours. On the free trial, you will have about one to two short breaks on both in-person or online sessions and enough experience on what the preparation for GRE with Manhattan GRE will be like in the long run.

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