Blueprint LSAT Prep Review [2024]

Do you want to make LSAT Preparation fun? Are you looking for a course that offers just the right blend of information and interaction? If your answers are yes, BluePrint LSAT Prep might be an excellent course for you. Loaded with interactive video lessons, quirky instructions, daily drills, and detail-packed lessons- this course is effective, to say the least.

But will it meet your LSAT preparation requirements? Does it come with enough lessons? Does it offer instructor access? How does it solve/address queries from students? Let’s clear the air! Keep reading to find out more about this course and take a deeper look at the pros and cons it comes with.

Blueprint LSAT Prep Review


Blueprint LSAT Prep Review

BluePrint’s LSAT Prep Course comes with a lot excellent features. Whether it’s the videos, drills, daily exercises, mock tests, and test tasking strategies- each of these factors go a long way in making the course approachable and easy to flip through. In the following sections, we will dig deeper into the pros and cons of this excellent course.

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Simple Yet Comprehensive Coursework

One of the biggest highlights of this course lies in its strong emphasis on video lessons. The course comes with short video lessons for every concept. Once you watch these lessons, you will be asked to take a short assessment to check if you followed the lesson well.

As previously mentioned, the video lessons are extremely well-prepared. Most of them feature instructors who break down problems, concepts, and notes in detail. The videos will roll through multiple notes, diagrams, and images to further ensure that students have indeed grasped the teaching point.

We were particularly impressed by these lessons as they are almost always followed by a specific and well-targeted quiz. This study structure is quite effective for most students.

Homework Assignments

BluePrint focuses on one important aspect throughout the course: Accountability. While you’ll find several LSAT courses with equally good video lessons and coursework, most of them do not bother about homework, thus cutting down the accountability. However, this is one department where BluePrint excels. The course-makers ensure that students thoroughly understand the course by sending them homework assignments on the classroom lessons.

Here, it is worth mentioning that the company only uses the official LSAT questions in their course material, which further adds to the relevance and quality of their course. The homework and video lessons cover most of the concepts, and the homework assignments follow an extremely simple yet dynamic format. Not only will students have the option to gray out the wrong answers but they can also access a limited number of hints throughout the process.

Hints add to the quirkiness of the course and they are an excellent feature for tackling some complex LSAT problems. In addition to improving your understanding of each lesson, the homework assignments also automatically adapt to your progressing skill level. This way, it gets much simpler to deal with the tough concepts as you move along the course.

Money Back Guarantee

BluePrint offers a moneyback guarantee on LSAT classroom courses, live online courses, and 6-12 Month plan courses. You will qualify for a refund on all of these courses if you do not end up scoring higher. Alternatively, the company also allows you to take the entire course for free, if you are not willing to settle for a refund.

Either way, the money back guarantee option adds to the course’s flexibility and reminds us why exactly it is so reliable and widely raved about by students and teachers alike.

Detailed Explanations

This is yet another major takeaway from the course. BluePrint ensures that every course problem comes with proper explanation of the said problem.

Students can access either audio or video explanations, major highlights of the given problem, and a well-researched explanation on why a certain answer to the question right/wrong. The degree of detail against every problem and the approach in which they are presented before the students are striking, to say the least.

Excellent User Experience

The dashboard and overall user experience of BluePrint are quite decent. The application is straightforward, and the easily accessible menu bar will make it simpler to navigate across the course. As you sign up for the course, you will realize that you can easily customize it according to your specific requirements. Questions comes with explanations and the hints make it even easier to tackle them.

One especially remarkable feature here is the Law School Compass which lets you create a profile to assess your chances of getting through your favorite law schools. Backed by a dedicated analytics monitor, this course actually helps pinpoint your strong and weak areas, thereby helping you prepare better for the impending exam.

The course, unlike any of its competitors, gives you real, actionable insight into how you compare against your peer and what score you can expect with your level of preparation.

Access to All the Questions

Unlike any other LSAT course, Blueprint manages to give you complete, unlimited access to all the LSAT questions from the previous years. We also liked the adaptive nature of the practice questions which would change according to your evolving skill level.

Thanks to this feature, you can now sharpen your skills and understand your shortcomings better. So, in a way, your homework questions are align with your current skill level and you also get a closer and deeper dive into your strong and weak areas.

We also loved the gamified learning approach of the course. In addition to being incredibly interactive, the course also manages to present the videos and textual content with a tinge of humor. The practice questions help you stay competitive, and every time you manage to answer a question correctly you get points in reward.

To make things even more interesting, the course gets you higher points if you answer the questions faster. Again, if you answer multiple questions at a stretch, you’d be joining a streak where you can earn a couple of more points. This adds to the competition and keeps you motivated throughout your preparation schedule.

Complete Flexibility

As with popular LSAT courses out there, Blueprint offers you maximum flexibility through its varied learning models. Once you sign up for the course you can choose from its online, live training, classroom, and instructor-led models.

If you are unsure at the beginning, you can also switch between the different models at the trial stage. This way, you will end up with a course that perfectly matches your learning approach and usual lifestyle. Not only will this simplify your LSAT preparation, but it will also be perfectly tailored to your exact requirements.

We loved the flexible approach and were left impressed by the number of resources available to help you understand the models better. In addition to being extremely flexible, the company also offers you plenty of free resources to improve your preparation and make a more informed decision.

Live Support

Managing instructor access during the classroom training is certainly helpful. Managing to contact them every time you incur doubts while understanding a concept is even better. And this is exactly what Blueprint focuses on.

When you sign up for this course, you also get on-demand access meaning, you can relay your doubts about a concept as soon as you incur them. This way, you get to understand the concepts thoroughly without any room for doubt.

This feature is especially important for a skill-based test like LSAT as it specifically ensures that you do not end up missing the vital ideas throughout the entire process of foundation. The fact that you can connect to instructors at any point adds an entirely new layer of assistance and support to your preparation schedule.

Trained by Experts

Blueprint never compromises on the quality of their instructors and the brand has time and again hired professional tutors who are good at their jobs. With this course in place, you will get access to complete tutor support from experts who managed to bag a 98th or 99th percent score in their LSATs.

So, the tutors picked by the company aren’t just efficient or highly qualified, but they also have the right kind of insight into the kind of preparation you would require to achieve a complex test like LSAT. These professionals will guide you throughout the preparation process and help you aim higher.


No Android Access

While Apple users can always access the course through MyBluePrint, students with Android phones are yet to receive access. To put it simply, you won’t manage to access or download the app, unless you have an iPhone. While the company claims to work on this compatibility issue, it hasn’t been resolved yet.

Bottom Line

As you are probably aware at this stage, BluePrint LSAT Prep is more about online content. Most of the video lessons are enjoyable, interesting, and interactive. The quality of the content too matches the mark, and the user experience is good, if not amazing. The instructors are always available to address your doubts and overall, this is a solid digital course.

While we were also impressed by the classroom components and the hard copies, they weren’t as remarkable when compared to the online content. For best results, we would recommend you switch between online and offline content. The price point is reasonable, and the coursework is equally decent. So, if you want to understand LSAT lessons in a cool and quirky way, this is one of the courses that won’t disappoint you.

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