Best LSAT Prep Courses Online [2024]

If you are an aspiring lawyer, you are probably familiar with the LSAT. In case you aren’t, here’s the deal: LSAT is one of the most difficult law tests with a unique range of sections like analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and more.

The type and nature of the test add to its distinctness and unlike most tests, its five grueling sections can challenge the smartest students in the room! Luckily, you can ace your LSAT game by using the right online resources and in this article, we will talk all about them.

Best LSAT Prep Courses

The right online LSAT course will have a range of options that will not just assist you in memorizing but will be equally useful when you are looking to apply the concepts you’ve just learned. Over the following sections, we will discuss five such LSAT prep courses that truly stand out with their study approach and learning methods.


Best LSAT Prep Course

While exploring LSAT Courses, you will find several courses with similar content. In situations like these, it is best to opt for the course that comes with maximum practice questions. Additionally, you should also check if the course explains the difficult legal concepts in proper detail.

It is best to choose the course only when it meets these parameters. We also understand that it is quite difficult to zero in on the best LSAT Prep Course, with several similarly rated courses out there.

So, to make things easier for you, we’ve listed some of the top-rated courses with their detailed reviews, perks, and cons. In case you’re still busy figuring out which LSAT course stands out, read through our list to decide for yourself!

Blueprint LSAT

Our pick

Blueprint Logo
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  • 3 textbooks and 8,000+ LSAT practice tests
  • 112 hours of instructions, 88+ hours of online instruction, and more
  • Flexible and student-friendly format
  • Intuitive mobile application
  • Reviewed by expert teachers
  • Comes with a dedicated study buddy who addresses all your doubts, instantly
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Blueprint LSAT Prep Course is not just another comprehensive LSAT prep course. Instead, it is an all-encompassing LSAT Prep Resource that comes with detailed study plans, textbook insights, video instructions, and more. Unlike its competitors, Blueprint has adopted a flexible and student-friendly approach that helps you make the most of your study sessions.

Students have a great time learning the complex LSAT concepts with Blueprint’s intuitive logic games, quirky and interactive instructions and explanations, and a simple, user-friendly student dashboard. To get things a tad more competitive, the course makers have also included an exclusive scoreboard.

The majority of the study material is segmented into small, consumable sub-sections- making it easier for students to understand and memorize concepts. As opposed to the conventional model of learning, Blueprint’s advanced and intuitive learning approach certainly stands out for its flexibility.

We were also impressed by the adaptive learning tool that the course comes with. Thanks to this tool, you will have complete access to a course buddy who will address all your course queries via email. This in turn will not just help you study better but will also end up saving a significant chunk of your time.

As of now, the course comes with 112 hours of instructions, 88+ online hours, multiple textbooks, 8000+ LSAT practice tests, and an exclusive score-increase guarantee. The best part: the course is formulated and prepared by the best of educators who are not just experts in their fields but also highly personable with students. Overall, this is an excellent resource for both experienced and newbie LSAT aspirants.


LSATMax Prep
LSATMax Logo
No Active Deal
  • Detailed, intuitive, and student-friendly
  • 100+ hours of video instruction
  • Backed by a range of useful test-taking strategies and guidelines
  • Flexible study plans
  • Affordable subscription plans with a money-back option
  • Access to 90 complete LSATs from preceding years
  • While the LSATMax course is certainly intuitive, some students have raised concerns about the lack of personalized modules.
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If you are looking to follow a modern approach while preparing for your LSAT, LSATMax might just be your best bet! Backed by an excellent mobile application, three comprehensive programs, and 100+ hours of video reviews- this course covers everything that you’re likely to expect during the LSAT.

We were especially impressed by the Analytic feedback which offers an entirely new dimension to the kids who are looking to figure out how well they are prepared to take the test. The course offers plenty of value and is highly affordable compare to similar other options. The WhiteBoard Lessons, in particular, is an excellent tool for everyone accustomed to classroom learning.

Upon signing up for the course, students can choose their preferred study module and access hundreds of useful test-taking guidelines and methods. Besides, the course comes with a flexible study schedule, advanced analytics for determining weaknesses, and unique strategies to make the most of your prep time.

Students can also improve their study sessions with the four textbooks, unlimited course access, and a full-proof money-back guarantee. In case you want to go the extra mile, you can simulate an entirely digital LSAT test to check how you perform in real-time.

LSATMax’s LSAT Prep Course has garnered several rave reviews from both students and educators alike. The course has been time and again lauded for its simple, student-friendly approach, detailed modules, unique test-taking strategies, and super-easy accessibility. Given the price and the value it brings in return, we would certainly recommend LSATMax to all aspiring lawyers.

Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep
Manhattan Logo
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  • 30+ hours of online instructions, thousands of mock tests, and more
  • Comes with an advanced score tracker that helps track your progress
  • Flexible and extremely student-friendly
  • Small classes ensure better and quicker support
  • Provides detailed guidelines and exam strategies
  • The live instructor-led courses cannot be accessed from smaller cities
  • Some of the logic-specific questions are not truly authentic
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Manhattan Prep is ideal for all those students who already have a high LSAT score and are now looking to go the extra mile. The course comes with an advanced curriculum plan that is handy for almost all students. Also, since the instructors of Manhattan Prep are high scorers (top 1% in the LSAT tests), you can absolutely count on them for the quality and mode of instruction.

One of the most unique aspects of Manhattan Prep lies in their mode of taking classes. First, the classes are quite small and so every student gets a chance to share their feedback, review their queries, and ask one-on-one questions. Next, the course comes with a set of extremely useful video tutorials that prepare students for the online classes.

Finally, online classes are extremely comprehensive. Most of the classroom time is focused on the more advanced problems and complex concepts. Instructors also break the class into smaller groups for practice drills and similar other exercises. This adds to the intuitiveness and flexibility of the study sessions. The overall approach is extremely student-friendly and perfect for advanced test-takers.

We also loved the way the overall course is formulated. Unlike competitors, Manhattan prep actually applies the real principles of research to its standard preparation modules. This way, students get a chance to approach the mock tests much differently compare to the conventional LSAT online courses.

While the course is a tad bit expensive, the price certainly makes up for the value it comes with. Featuring complex and mind-boggling mock tests, 30+ hours of online instruction, and unlimited access to online resources and score trackers- this is certainly one of the most feature-rich courses out there!

Kaplan’s Test Prep

Kaplan Test Prep
Kaplan Logo
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  • 70+ hours of online video, 7500 mock exams, and more
  • Live, instructor-led video in small batches
  • Quick resolution of doubts in the live classes
  • Comes with multiple study plans to pick from
  • Fully personalized plans according to your preparation status
  • Features an LSAT channel with additional resources and test-taking strategies
  • The course is not quite affordable and unlike competitors, Kaplan doesn’t give students a free course tour either
Visit Kaplan Prep

Our list of top LSAT Courses is truly incomplete without Kaplan. LSAT is one of the most popular courses from the brand and it comes with multiple preparation options for aspiring students. Key takeaways from the course include live one-on-one classes, instructor-led video tutorials, and the option of on-demand instruction videos.

With multiple options in place, students get to choose the one that works best with their study schedule. Each of these options includes scores of mock questions from Kaplan’s iconic Quizbank. What’s more, students also get free and unlimited access to several of the brand’s online resources.

One of the most recent highlights from Kaplan’s Online Training material is their LSAT channel that comes with several hundreds of hours’ worth of elective workshops. Thanks to these workshops, students can now perfect the course contents even better.

As of now, this channel library includes 70+ hours’ worth of online videos, more than 70 mock tests, and a detailed quiz bank with 7,000+ questions. The LSAT channel also facilitates live classes by Kaplan’s best instructors. Thanks to the existing resources and these live instructions, students get plenty of instruction and the opportunity to work on multiple topics.

We also loved the fact that students get an additional study plan with every course they select. So, even if you’re going for the self-paced option, you will have your personal study guide that’ll help organize your preparation schedule and enable you to monitor your overall progress. The practice tests are further assessed by their advanced Smart report software which helps personalize assignments according to your preparation and requirements.

The overall course is quite detailed, and you will love it more for the live classes and quick support. Thanks to these options, you will now get instant help every time you incur a tricky question. Since the live, instructor-led study sessions are only limited to a few students- you also get to clarify all your doubts in detail.

Princeton Review

Princeton Prep
Princeton Logo
No Active Deal on Self Placed Plan
  • 84+ hours of online instruction, 150+ hours of recorded lessons, and more
  • Instructors can be personally reached out via email, call, or in-person
  • Small batches with no more than four students
  • Thousands of mock exams for practice
  • Intuitive practice drills and exercises
  • Doesn’t come with a mobile application
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If personalization is what you are seeking, you should certainly try Princeton Review. The biggest takeaway of this course is the customized instructions students get without having to pay any extra amount. The classes are taken in small groups limited to four students.

This way, instructors can also devote more attention to students’ specific questions while moving through the course at a quicker pace. The best part: students can also reach out to the instructor via email, phone, or in-person completely free of cost.

Currently, the course lets you access 84+ hours of online instruction, 150+ hours of recorded lessons, multiple interactive online drills, useful study tools, and more. Students also get access to previous years’ LSAT questions and thousands of mock examinations.

Finally, the course also offers multiple guarantees. So, if you are not satisfied with your score or the course contents, you can always claim your money back. Overall, the course offers maximum value, and given the rave reviews of students and educators- we would certainly recommend this to all!

Bottom Line

Now that you have a basic idea of what to expect, wait no further, and choose the best LSAT Prep Course, today! The right course will not just follow the correct format but will also go the extra mile when it comes to disseminating useful concepts.

To back up your preparation schedule, we recommend using offline resources and videos along with your LSAT Prep Course. This way, you will have preparation for the trickiest questions that may come along your way.

Also, before zeroing in on your LSAT Prep Course, be mindful enough to check the course reviews and testimonials. While most courses may have a different impact on different students, you will still get a fair idea of what and what not to expect. Until then, explore your options and all the very best for your upcoming LSATs!

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