Magoosh MCAT Prep Review [2024]

If you’re looking for an affordable MCAT prep course that still provides the right kind of value, Magoosh MCAT Prep Course might just be your best bet! This online course comes with tons of information, practice tests, and video resources covering every relevant exam topic.

What’s more, you also get a score increase guarantee by up to ten points, failing which Magoosh will reimburse the course amount without any questions. Since the company also offers a free trial of the course, you would have the full opportunity to try it before making the final purchase. In case you’re planning to appear for the MCAT anytime soon, here’s everything you need to know about the MCAT test prep course from Magoosh.

Magoosh MCAT Prep Review


Magoosh MCAT Prep Review

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  • A detailed explanation of 380 scientific concepts
  • Personalized practice tests
  • No provision for live instruction
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Probably the best thing about this course is that Magoosh has entirely redefined the study approach while taking MCAT. Unlike others, they offer a completely self-paced course where you can choose from multiple schedules depending on your upcoming test date. The schedules are fully customizable and can be flexibly arranged according to your needs.

Magoosh won’t guide you like your high school teacher. Instead, it will allow you to prepare independently with the best resources available. With several videos, mock tests, and additional study resources, you get to prepare independently for MCAT with just the kind of guidance you need.


As you would probably guess, Magoosh’s MCAT Test Prep comes with plenty of pros. In this section, we’ll dig a little deeper.

Unique Approach

As discussed earlier, Magoosh’s Prep Course is structured with an extremely independent approach. As opposed to a rigorous curriculum, where the company will guide you in every turn, Magoosh lets you take the front seat and do your driving.

They will offer you every little thing you need for the MCAT preparation. And the best part: you have the complete flexibility of structuring your roadmap. The learning curriculum is not strict, and you can pace it just the way you want.

Excellent Video Content

Given the price they are charging for the course, Magoosh’s video content is surprisingly great! The video content forms the base of the instruction review and they cover every relevant topic and more. While the production quality is quite basic involving a digital whiteboard and instructions in a voice-over format, the content is top-notch.

Every video lesson is properly explained and substantiated with examples. The instructors too do a great job in disseminating the required information. We were highly impressed by the thoroughness and coverage of the video lessons. While we do think the graphics and mode of instruction could be better, we have absolutely no complaints about the quality of the content.

The video lessons also come with multiple ancillary features like their digital notes tool, which lets you jot down notes during the video. You can easily access these notes from Magoosh’s primary dashboard and review them later for better understanding.

Questions from the video lessons can be flagged after which you will receive a detailed explanation against the same. Every video lesson will also come with a full transcript where you can access the verbal lesson in textual format.

Since this is further backed by an advanced tracking feature, you will have full clarity on where you stand in the video lesson. Thanks to these functions, they collectively enhance the quality and usability of the video lessons.

740 Practice Questions

Magoosh backs their video lessons with at least 740 practice questions. While the number may seem less when compared to its core competitors, we would still laud them for the quality of the questions. The company does an excellent job in following the same approach and format as the real MCAT.

As you complete every practice question from your curriculum, you will receive detailed textual explanations where the instructors segment the problem in detail, emphasizing why a certain answer is right or wrong.

We loved the technical detail provided in the explanations. Not only did it explain the concept with full accuracy, but it also articulated the solution well, allowing the student to consume it faster and retain it longer.

MoneyBack and Refund

You are probably aware that Magoosh offers a full moneyback guarantee if your score does not increase by 10 points. But did you know that they also follow an extremely liberal approach for tuition refunds?

Yes! In addition to the score increase guarantee, the company also lets you claim a complete 100% tuition refund if you aren’t completely satisfied with the course. You can get a 100% refund if you mail them to discuss your experience in seven days.

We think this is an excellent safety net for kids with a strict budget. This is also an excellent option for people who are still nervous about zeroing in on the right prep course.

Intuitive User Interface

Despite being a budget prep course Magoosh manages to stand out with its user interface and experience. The digital platform, in particular, is excellent, to say the least! The company focuses its entire attention on digital content, and that shows every time you scroll down their site.

The website is not only super-fast and smartly designed, but it also features a fully clean layout. With the sharp hover functions and super high loading speeds, Magoosh’s digital platform barely leaves any room for complaints.

You will find the navigation extremely simple, even if you are using a similar platform for the first time. The headers are neatly designed, and they direct you exactly to the point where you need to head. We also loved the video library because of its simple and straightforward approach.

Thanks to Magoosh’s simple dashboard, you can now review the study schedule, access instant links to your lessons, and take as many practice exams as you require. What’s more, you can also utilize the score predictor that effectively predicts your estimated score depending on your current performance.

The accuracy of this predictor is likely to increase as you keep progressing to further modules. While it is not perfect, the feature is still accurate and nifty enough to offer you a detailed insight into how exactly you are performing. This is especially beneficial for students who are appearing for the test, the first time, and for others who are nervous about it.

To further guide you throughout the course, the dashboard offers personalized suggestions. This will give you a list of all the suggested lessons, helping you brush up your skills on the topics that you are finding hard to deal with.

Additional Study Resources

In addition to all these perks, you also get to access a bunch of additional resources from the company’s online testing portal. Thanks to these resources, students get more benefits beyond the regular curriculum.

Among the many such resources, consistent 24*7 email assistance where all your doubts can be clarified over email, a detailed list of the MCAT topics, and comprehensive explanations of the AAMC practice tests. You also get customized study plans ranging from one to six months

You get many more general study tips, vocab guidelines, lecture notations, access to periodic tables, and MCAT blog articles. These resources are excellent given the money they charge for the course. And the best part: they don’t lie when they claim to offer 24*7 email support.

We tried this option twice after getting stuck in video lessons. And the company representatives reached out to us a few hours. The team is responsive and is always up and willing to address your doubts.

Mobile App

We were also impressed by Magoosh’s unique mobile app. Thanks to this app, you get hundreds of practice questions and at least 250 video lessons to improve your grasp on the topic. The flashcards are surprisingly interactive, and they would help you retain information sooner and better.


Like any other MCAT prep course, Magoosh is not infallible. So, here are a couple of areas we think should be improved.

Production Quality Of the Videos

As previously mentioned, we loved the video content but weren’t much impressed by the production quality. The company can consider adding more graphics and interactive elements to add to the engagement factor.

Live Course and One-on-One Tutoring

Magoosh does not have any provision for providing live instructions, nor do they have any option for one-on-one independent tutoring. While these may be lacking due to the price, we would love it if the course makers considered adding them to make the course tad more intuitive.

No Printed Content

Magoosh doesn’t have any printed content either. So, if you are fond of the conventional, classroom-style preparation schedule, you may have some issues in this department.

Final Verdict

Overall, Magoosh MCAT prep definitely comes with plenty of offerings. It is a decent bet for the price and owing to its independent approach, it leaves student with enough flexibility. The videos are decent and the practice quizzes can be fully customized according to your needs. Since the course also gives you a performance analysis with respect to other test-takers, you have complete clarity on where exactly you stand.

The moneyback guarantee makes the course even more attractive. Thanks to this policy, you can claim a full refund upon failing to improve your score by ten points. We were genuinely satisfied with these excellent offerings and would recommend this course to all MCAT aspirants seeking an independent study approach.

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