Princeton LSAT Prep Review [2024]

Getting into Law School is not easy but also not impossible. With the right minimum GPA and LSAT requirements, you can get admission and a chance to complete your dream of becoming a lawyer. From our deep research on the company’s services, we have found that the Princeton LSAT Prep provides students with great preparation schemes, lessons, books and preparation strategies that assist students in facing their Law School Assessment Test.

The company boasts a whooping 96% success rate. Because the company shares a name with one of the most prestigious universities in the United States, it is often mistaken to be affiliated with Princeton University but that is only a misconception.

Princeton LSAT Prep Review

The Princeton LSAT course offers candidates a 5-month program, intended to develop and improve a student’s fast-talking skills. Our research on the Princeton LSAT course has proven very convincingly that the company’s educational experience of almost 40 years and LSAT materials do justice to student’s preparation for the actual tests.

With thousands of practice tests, hours of live lessons and instructions, on-demand videos and several practice tests, students can be rest assured that the contents of the program will help boost their LSAT scores and increase their chances of getting admitted into the law school of their choice.


Princeton LSAT Prep Review

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  • 84+ hours of online instruction, 150+ hours of recorded lessons, and more
  • Instructors can be personally reached out via email, call, or in-person
  • Small batches with no more than four students
  • Thousands of mock exams for practice
  • Intuitive practice drills and exercises
  • Doesn’t come with a mobile application
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If you are considering the Princeton LSAT course to aid your preparation for the Law School Admission Test, then you should get acquainted with the features and benefits of the program. The most popular Princeton LSAT features include;

Comprehensive Video Lessons

With more than 150 hours of educational video content, based on the LSAT curriculum with a detailed explanation from experts in the field, candidates will have access to comprehensive LSAT prep materials and great learning techniques.

Practice Tests

In the course of a 5 month program with Princeton LSAT course, students will take 6 full-length practice tests with more than 8,000 questions gotten from past LSATs, taken under the same conditions as the actual tests.

These tests will enable students to determine their strengths and weaknesses, which will help them, create a great studying schedule that focuses more on their weaknesses and tends to improve their knowledge on sections they are familiar with.

Live Lessons 

With more than 84 hours of live instructions from expert tutors, students will enjoy several interactive class sessions that allow them to experience a progressive classroom experience with personalized support and attention from instructors.

Students can also access all LSAT materials ever released on the Princeton LSAT course and with a full refund guarantee (if a student’s score doesn’t increase after attending every session and completing all materials) on the Princeton LSAT course, there’s no need to worry about the effectiveness of the program.

Primary Pros and Cons

After monitoring the program and getting information from credible online sources, we have discovered that the Princeton LSAT Prep is one of the best LSAT prep courses online. Although the program comes with great highlights and educational experience, it comes with its downsides. From credible online sources, we have been able to figure out the pros and cons of the Princeton LSAT course based on popular opinions.


  • Students can contact their instructors outside class hours in-person and online. This way they can gain clarity on questions or problems they couldn’t ask during the class.
  • The number of study materials, access to video contents and practice tests are substantial to meet with the students’ needs.
  • Every course on the program focuses to meet every student’s specific needs.
  • As a small group course, you will enjoy a personalized learning experience.
  • The program offers candidates multiple guarantees which include;
Multiple Guarantees
1). Guarantee on readiness that allows you to repeat the course for free, within one year of the start of your course. This guarantee is valid if you feel like you are not ready for the text at the end of the course.

2). You can work with the program at no additional costs, no matter how much your scores improve until you are satisfied

3). If your scores do not improve at the end of the course and you meet the required learning schedule, you will get a full refund.


  • Portability is not guaranteed as the Princeton LSAT course does not offer students a mobile app for the course.
  • Unlike other competing LSAT preparation courses, the Princeton LSAT course does not offer candidates additional resources like student’s forum, practice emails and others.

Princeton LSAT Prep Pricing

The Princeton LSAT course offers students up to four plans to select from with different features and prices. The plans available on the program include;

Please note below pricing are added during last article update – For latest pricing and deals visit here.

The Self-paced Course

The self-paced course is the most basic plan on the Princeton LSAT course. It provides students with all the released LSAT materials, detailed answers and explanations to the questions and more than 150 hours of educational video content. This plan provides students flexibility as they can study on their terms. The self-paced course is available online at $799.

The Fundamentals Course

The Fundamentals course plan provides students with extra 30 hours lessons in addition to the 150 hours available on the self-paced plan, all LSATs study materials with comprehensive answers to questions and problems and four full practice tests under the same conditions as the actual LSATs.

This plan is designed to give students a focused classroom preparation with intuitive learning strategies and discipline. This plan is available online at $1099 throughout the prep program.

Ultimate LiveOnline

This plan provides students with the most comprehensive classroom experience in the program. With up to 84 hours of live instructions,  more than 8000 practice test questions, over 150 hours of video lessons and 6 full-lengths practice tests under the same conditions as the actual LSATs, students will get the full classroom package with expert instructors giving each student a personalized class experience.

The Ultimate LiveOnline is available at $1299 for the whole program.

Private Tutoring Program

The private Tutoring program is the most advanced plan on the Princeton LSAT course that provides students with a fully personalized program that is exclusively available to them. The student’s weaknesses are evaluated and the tutor designs a schedule that zeroes in on the student’s weaknesses. The tutor satisfaction guarantee applies to this plan and it can be availed starting at $1800.

With the above details on the course’s plan and pricing, you can resolve your need for the Princeton LSAT course by evaluating the plans and your budget and choose a plan that will give you your desired result of the program.


Based on our findings, it is safe to say that the Princeton LSAT course offers candidates an all in one amazing learning strategy and detailed study materials. For those who are preparing for the LSATs, there are several other incredible features that can assist you in acing your Law School Assessment test.

Asides from the amazing tutoring and learning scheme, you know you either succeed or get your money back with their money-back guarantee policy (does not apply if you don’t complete your coursework or attend all classes, online or in-person), which is why we recommend Princeton Prep course to all LSAT candidates.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you will like to know more about the Princeton LSAT course, then you should look through some frequently asked questions about this program below;

1. Where can I take the Princeton LSAT in-person course?

The locations listed for the in-person course on the program are based on your area code. On the Princeton LSAT course website, you will have to fill in your area code and see classrooms and the company’s location within 25 miles of your location.

2. What is the level of effectiveness/increase in the program’s LSAT score?

The Ultimate Live Online plan boasts an average of 12 point increase in score for students.

3. How long does each class on the course go on for?

Each course on the Princeton LSAT course, schedules classes for 2 to 3 times a week with each class having a 3.5-hour session with a varying start time.

4. How do I know the Princeton LSAT course is right for me?

If you are preparing for the LSATs and you need a prep course with intuitive, engaging and humorous instructors, advanced learning strategies, comprehensive study materials and a score increment guarantee, then the Princeton LSAT course is right for you.

5. How effective is the score increase in the Princeton LSAT course?

The Princeton LSAT course has a median score of 165, which means if you study with the program, you can expect to get into a top law school.

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