Kaplan LSAT Prep Review [2024]

Kaplan is a leading name when it comes to test prep materials, and LSAT is one of the many domains they excel at! Conceptualized and prepared by a team of LSAT experts, this course comes with every resource you would probably need.

Ideal for students who prefer learning in a conventional classroom environment, the course makers have made the content available through both online and live classes.

Kaplan LSAT Prep Review

With one-on-one tutoring options, a guarantee for a higher score, live instructions, and a massive content library- this course will truly exceed your expectations. But what exactly are the features that stand out? What are the plus and downsides of this course? Let’s dig deeper!


Kaplan LSAT Prep Review

Kaplan Test Prep
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  • 70+ hours of online video, 7500 mock exams, and more
  • Live, instructor-led video in small batches
  • Quick resolution of doubts in the live classes
  • Comes with multiple study plans to pick from
  • Fully personalized plans according to your preparation status
  • Features an LSAT channel with additional resources and test-taking strategies
  • The course is not quite affordable and unlike competitors, Kaplan doesn’t give students a free course tour either
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Kaplan LSAT Prep course is one of the most feature-rich courses there is. The content is perfectly structured, and the live classes offer just the right dose of information.

The course is an excellent choice for students who prefer the classroom model of learning and since it is also self-paced, students can always customize it to meet their specific requirements.


If you’re planning to buy the Kaplan LSAT Prep course, here are a couple of pros you should check out:

Excellent Resource Library

Perhaps the biggest highlight of Kaplan’s LSAT course is its sheer range of prep content. Whether it’s the lessons, the course assessments, material for the prep book, mock problems, practice drills, and tests, well-substantiated explanations- you will find several hundred hours’ worth of course content.

So, if you are looking to make a mark at LSAT, you would definitely love the course-maker for their attention to detail while creating and disseminating these resources.

The current learning materials from the course will include digital and physical versions of textbooks. These can be purchased through the Prep Plus package that has an annual update with the latest study resources, new practice questions, drills, and games.

In addition to the Prep Plus package, you can also go for the Logic Games Prep Plus package, which, like the other plan is updated once a year. This new package will give you exclusive access to tips and tricks which in turn will help you fare more in the logic games department.

Other textbook options come with the LSAT PrepTest model that has meticulously planned mock exams that are further supervised by expert tutors. This doesn’t just help you prepare better but also gives you a closer look at how the test is structured and the underlying logic behind the logic puzzles and games.

The final and possibly the biggest takeaway is the LSAT channel of Kaplan where you will find the live and online lectures. Upon subscribing to this course, you can either access this content in real-time or get it streamed later in the middle of your test prep.

Unique Course Curriculum

This is yet another major feature of Kaplan’s Prep Course. Their curriculum despite being vast is properly structured into six smaller segments underlining all the major lessons of your LSAT.

Unlike any similar course, the makers here have further broken down the segments into small units depending on the concept or the type of problem. Every lesson will come with interactive videos, detailed course assessments, mock questions, and other kinds of coursework.

If you have opted for the DIY course, you will especially love the video lessons as they are perfectly designed and lined with all the right details. Right when you open it, you will find the large video segment broken into several smaller ones ranging from one to 60 minutes.  The interesting part here is that you have complete flexibility in speeding up, slowing down, or even skipping over to further parts.

The lessons are conducted through a digital whiteboard where the instructor eventually appears with their greenscreen segment. The tutor will guide them through the lesson as the whiteboard will follow behind them lining the notes, major highlights, and interactive graphics (wherever applicable).

We loved the lessons and found them exceptionally insightful. Not only did it help us understand the course, but it also introduced us to some unique and truly actionable test-taking strategies. The tutors are experts at their jobs, and they chose just the right practice tests to substantiate and exemplify certain concepts.

One-on-One Learning Options

A distinctive feature of Kaplan’s LSAT course is the one-on-one learning option where an expert tutor will guide you as you try to solve the different test-specific problems.

Available both physically and digitally, this option comes at an extra price. However, for most of the students, the feature is worth the money because the tutoring connection adds an entirely new edge to the whole preparation process.

The teachers come with multiple credentials and almost each of them is professionally experienced in law. As a part of this course, you will enjoy 40+ hours of live one-on-one learning and a range of proctored practice tests that’ll help you prepare for LSAT better.

Interactive, Live Instructions

Even the most boring course gets better with the right kind of interaction. And this is exactly what Kaplan strives to achieve. The company offers students the flexibility of choosing between in-person and live-streamed classes. With both the study approaches, you will get a bonus live-instruction session in a traditional classroom environment.

As of now, you can access eight live instruction sessions that range between four to five hours. Additionally, you also get two proctored tests. When you opt for the classroom plan, you will enjoy seven sessions, each ranging between four to five hours. As with the live instructions, here too you will get one free proctored test.

Customized Study Plans Powered by Advanced Analytics

If you have ever prepared for a competitive test, you are probably aware of how important it is for the course to be customizable. Kaplan addresses this requirement by creating a preparation schedule that is truly tailored for personalization.

Thanks to the makers, you can now come up with your preferred study plan, duly supported by the app. What’s more, the course also lets you curate specific lessons and practice content.

While this may not appear as apparent but having a fully customized study plan is extremely valuable. The best part: it saves you a huge amount of time. As you prepare for the course, you can dig deep into the course content while also honing the skills you’d need for the final test.

Just like other popular courses, Kaplan’s LSAT Prep Course also comes with a range of practice tests that are fully focused on assessing your progress and readiness to appear for the test. With multiple well-proctored exams, you can get an entire idea of whether you are indeed ready to face the world.

Thanks to the advanced analytics, you will also get an idea about the areas that can serve as a solid foundation, in terms of test preparation.

Higher Score Guarantee

The company also gives you a score guarantee, meaning if at any stage you are dissatisfied with the test score, you can take the test again entirely free of cost. In case you do not wish to take the test again, you will also qualify for a complete refund.

With that said, it is worth noting here that the refund will not apply to the self-paced plan. You can only avail it when you opted for the in-person or the live training approach.

Huge Volume of Practice Tests

With Kaplan, you will enjoy complete access to more than 60 LSAT questions. But even before you do that, you will be asked to take three full-length exams, following which you will receive a Smart Report.

We were extremely impressed by this feature as it offers completely targeted and comprehensive feedback on the areas you outperformed and the ones where you need more attention.

In addition to the smart report, you will also receive customized recommendations for supplemental tasks. The recommendations are prepared after assessing your practice tests and they are therefore extremely helpful and relevant.

Excellent User Experience

Kaplan takes user experience to the next level with this course. Both intuitive and easy to operate, anyone can use their online app. The online and app-only versions of the course have proper definitions for sections. Their website too is easy to navigate.


As with every other course, Kaplan’s Test Prep comes with a few cons. Here’s what you need to know:

Doesn’t Come with Free Tour

While Kaplan does give you a free trial and access to a couple of lessons, you don’t get a full tour of the entire course. In other words, you won’t get to check out the dashboard, course materials, or load things on your PC unless you buy the course.

Extra Fee for Tutoring

While the tutoring is certainly of the highest standard, some students find the extra price tag a bit too hefty, considering they are already paying a large sum for the course.

Bottom Line

Probably the best thing about this course is that it leaves a tiny bit of something for everyone. So, if you’re looking for a self-paced study approach, you’ll have it with this course. Likewise, it will also meet the expectations of students who prefer the traditional classroom approach.

With real practice tests, plenty of assignments, and quality resources, this course won’t disappoint you. Since Kaplan is also a reputed name in the educational domain, you can absolutely count on them for the quality of resources. Perfectly adaptable to a wide range of learning styles, Kaplan LSAT Prep certainly offers value for your money.

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