LSATMax Prep Review [2024]

If you are looking for an unconventional and fairly modern approach to your LSAT preparation schedule, LSATMax Prep might just be your perfect bet! With student-friendly mobile applications, interactive lesson plans, quirky flashcards, and a full-guarantee of a higher score- this all-in-one course has it all!

LSATMax Prep Review

It comes with plenty of value and is considerably affordable when compared to similar courses. The key takeaway of this course is the Whiteboard Lessons which is a solid tool for anyone more accustomed to the classroom-style approach of learning.

This lesson plan along with the analytical feedback makes this course stand an edge ahead of competitors. But what exactly are the pros and cons of the course? Also, it is really worth spending money on it? Well, these are some of the many doubts we will eventually clarify over the next few sections.


LSATMax Prep Review

LSATMax Prep
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  • Detailed, intuitive, and student-friendly
  • 100+ hours of video instruction
  • Backed by a range of useful test-taking strategies and guidelines
  • Flexible study plans
  • Affordable subscription plans with a money-back option
  • Access to 90 complete LSATs from preceding years
  • While the LSATMax course is certainly intuitive, some students have raised concerns about the lack of personalized modules.
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LSATMax Prep is probably one of the most feature-rich LSAT courses out there! With 90+ LSAT Mock tests, a bunch of useful online and offline resources, an intuitive study calendar, attentive mentors, and fully personalized study plans- this course helps you achieve the next mile in your LSAT preparation schedule.

In the following section, we will take a closer look at the pros and cons of this course.


User-Friendly Mobile Application

The online application of LSATMax is available in both Google PlayStore and Apple Store. And guess what? It comes with hundreds of free online resources. Students can learn new concepts through the whiteboard lessons, opt for daily question drills, take up fun logic quizzes, and more.

Since the application is online, anyone can access it from the comfort of their home or workplace. We were also impressed by the user-friendliness of the app. Not only is it easy to operate, but it also helps you with smart and useful features like ‘advance download’. Thanks to this feature, you can download the resources you want to watch in advance. So, if you do not have 24*7 internet access, you can always use this feature to watch the videos later, offline.

The application also comes with the option of Digital LSAT. Yes! Thanks to the makers, you can now take a full-length mock LSAT exam right from your device. To add to this, you will also find 90+ complete LSAT tests from the last few years.

Finally, the application also manages to do the most important task: allowing complete access to the online course materials. In case you are still unsure, opt for the trial version. Upon signing up for the application, you will get hard copies of the entire course material which includes (but is not limited to) your lessons, exams, mock tests, homework, and more.

Comprehensive Video Lessons

While this course is loaded with some of the best features, the Whiteboard video lessons are a major highlight. Each of these lessons is specially tailored for emphasizing the vital themes and sectioning the difficult concepts into easily consumable content.

All the videos have categories depending on the concept it talks about and students have the option of viewing the entire video or some specific bits that talk about specific concepts. Unlike many other course-makers, LSATMax Prep also allows you to pause or slow down the video, allowing students to understand and retain the content at their own pace.

While we did miss some live content screening once in a while, the 100+ hours of recorded content indeed made up for that. As previously mentioned, videos can be viewed from any device and you can also download them for watching later.

Plenty of Daily Drills and Intuitive Exercises

Unlike any of its competitors, LSATMax offers a mixed bag of exercises that are packed with skills required for your LSAT. The exercises are categorized as drills, games (logic specific), and comprehension.

The drills come with five different kinds of questions, that are tailored to help you hone vital skills. The question type identifying game, for instance, teaches to locate the correct question stem, thereby paving the way for a better and more well-thought-out answer.

Similarly, the diagramming section helps you practice illustrations based on logic. Argument completion section teaches you to use the correct contrapositive for making a neutral and factually correct judgment. Other games include the true and false, and missing premise both of which help you achieve a better conclusion.

Just like the drill, the logic game section of the course comes with a range of games that further have up to eight questions (each). The game starts by depicting a scene with a specific set of rules. You will now be tested on how efficiently you make the correct inference from these arbitrary scenarios. In most instances, you will need to diagram the scene and apply the given rules to make an inference. For further help, you can always refer to the instructional videos.

Finally, the last and the most significant exercise of the lot is the comprehension section. Here, some important sections are emphasized for mastering the tone and the context of the question.

To attempt the comprehension section, you will need to read three to four passages and answer a couple of questions from them. The passage can be an excerpt from any piece of art, literature, scientific content, social science resource, or law textbook.

Access to Mock-Exams

With LSATMax, you will get multiple options to take your practice exam. For instance, if you have not yet subscribed to the course, you can try their free online test which will not just offer a score report but also analyze your strengths and loopholes. The best part: you get ample video lessons for any question you missed out on/did not attempt.

When you buy the premium plan of the course, you will have 90 practice tests, (both digital and physical copies). Once you are done with the test, you will receive a detailed score report with recommendations on study topics and online resources. You can also consult with the trainers after completing a course.

If you are looking to tread with more caution, you can also try the Max Pro program in the beginning. Here, you will get 20 mock tests instead of 90. However, as with the previous plan, you will receive a complete score analysis with links to study recommendations.

Here we would suggest students take the full-length exam if they are genuinely willing to simulate their exam-taking experience just like the real exam scenario. The test takers recommend students to use proctors for maximum impact of the mock-examination.


While you will find many LSAT-focused courses in the market, none of them come at the price of LSATMax. With 60 days to 1-year course access, the pricing plans are flexible, to say the least. Since the application is free, you can also personalize your course depending on the kind of resources you need.

If you want immediate access, you can always do so by choosing from their three to 18-month family plans. The best part: students can also use the LSAC Scholarship if they qualify for the same. Overall, you get plenty of value for the money you are paying.

Score Guarantee Program

As with many other leading course providers, LSATMax offers a score guarantee program, where you can request a refund in case your score does not improve. Considering the limited time for which you can prepare and appear for the LSAT exam over two years, this deal is definitely lucrative.

Complete Instructor Access

In case you are struggling with a specific topic or are failing to understand a certain concept, you can always reach out to the instructors for complete clarification.

You can use the message board of the application to get in touch with the instructor. Otherwise, if you are not in hurry, you can also use the chat or e-mail option for consulting your instructors.

Analytical Feedback

If you’re really looking for a loophole-proof preparation plan, this will help you go ahead! The analytical feedback is highly detailed and since it is broken down into details specifying your exact weaknesses, you get to address your problems more thoroughly.


Lack of Live Classes

Unfortunately, LSATMax only has recorded video lessons. So, if you are more familiar with live courses, you might want to try an alternate course.

Study Plans Require More Detail

While the study plans are fairly decent and have enough personalization options, we thought they lacked detail. The course does provide some guidelines for improving your weaknesses. However, it doesn’t shed any light on how to incorporate that into your existing study plan.

Final Verdict

Overall, LSATMax Prep is a fairly decent course, and given its affordable price, we would certainly recommend it. Use the complementary resources and back them up with your preferred study plan for a more consistent preparation schedule. Since the course also allows you to upgrade to newer options (in case you have already covered all existing segments), you will have full freedom of dictating your pace.

The best part: the tutors are super-co-operative, and you can reach out to them any time for the littlest of doubts. So, if you are really looking to take your LSAT preparation to the next level, look no further and try the LSATMax Prep course right away!

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