BluePrint MCAT Review [2024]

When it comes to the MCAT curriculum, you will rarely find a company as efficient and detail-oriented as Blueprint. Their MCAT curriculum was only recently revamped in 2020 when the company merged with Next Step Test Preparation to launch an advanced and more comprehensive module. With this merger in place, you get to enjoy the detailed content reviews from Next Step on Blueprint’s interactive digital platform.

So, what does their MCAT curriculum come with? How is the production quality of the MCAT course videos? Do they offer a money-back guarantee? How does BluePrint’s curriculum compare with other providers in the market?

Well, these are some of the many questions we will address over the following few sections. As you keep reading, you will get a detailed insight into the kind of course BluePrint MCAT comes to offer along with detailed insight into their many pros and cons.


BluePrint MCAT Review

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As with other courses from Blueprint, this one is extremely feature-rich. With comprehensive study plans, well-divided modules, and plenty of additional resources- this course thoroughly prepares you for your impending exam.

Since the company also offers a moneyback guarantee, you have the complete flexibility of claiming a refund if you are somehow dissatisfied with the quality of the course.

Blueprint MCAT Prep Review


It goes without mention that BluePrint’s MCAT course is loaded with perks. And in this section, we will dive a little deeper, discussing the major perks of using this course.

Excellent Curriculum

Post Blueprint’s merger with Next Step, many wanted to know how their final course would look like. Luckily, the course is excellent, to say the least! Thanks to the merger, Blueprint’s new course comes loaded with the best elements from both companies. So, when you flip through the curriculum, you will notice a perfect blend between Next Step’s course reviews and Blueprint’s super interactive curriculum videos.

The course structure is somewhat traditional with a dash of a twist here and there. For instance, the subject explanations and the overall course structure is highly conventional; but instead of moving individually across subjects, Blueprint has devised small and easily digestible learning modules. Since these modules are shorter, they are also easy to flip through and understand.

Every module covers vital MCAT subtopics including (but not limited to) fluid dynamics, metabolism, and biochemistry. What’s more, you also get a bunch of practice drills, quizzes, and course-taking strategies. Blueprint requires you to address every topic as an individual task until you fully master it.

The learning approach is therefore highly integrated, making way for effective retention. With this module in place, you get to consume the same content in a range of different ways which further reinforces your insight into specific content. While the approach may seem comprehensive, it is certainly an excellent way to tackle the otherwise complex MCAT tests.

Engaging Videos

As previously hinted, you will find some truly engaging videos in Blueprint’s MCAT curriculum. Every lesson comes with at least one quality video course which is excellent both in terms of production quality as well as content quality. As opposed to boring power-point videos, these lessons are interactive with a bunch of animated characters and visually striking elements.

Each of these videos features your MCAT instructor explaining a lesson before a green screen. While explaining the different course concepts, the greenscreen around them is animated with plenty of illustrative elements, quirky graphics, and engaging animations.

Besides all of these, you also get notes and additional text material that helps you memorize the concept faster. The production quality of these videos is top-notch and with the engaging graphics, you will easily master the most difficult topics.

This interactive approach works best for students who struggle to memorize complex stuff. Not only does it improve your recollection abilities, but they also go a long way in helping you establish a proper and truly meaningful visual connection that goes a long way in helping you prepare better.

Plenty of Interactive Quizzes

No matter how good the course curriculum or the video lessons are, you can never make the most out of a course unless you attempt the quizzes and practice drills. Blueprint takes care of this department too and their latest course version comes with hundreds of quizzes. In fact, you will find a new quiz every time you complete a video lesson.

Unlike the quizzes from similar other providers, these are not at all basic. Spanning across diverse question types and topics, you will find these quizzes in multiple formats, namely- MCQs, fill out the blank, arrange the order, and drag/drop. These quizzes serve the function of practice drills to reinforce concepts and help you memorize better.

Just like other popular MCAT courses, every quiz lists detailed problem explanations. So, not only will you get to know if you were right, but you will also receive a detailed explanation emphasizing why you were correct. Although this is an excellent add-on, we thought the explanations required a little more detail.

For instance, Blueprint doesn’t offer explanations if you attempted a wrong answer. Since this hinders the way of better understanding, we think this is one area the company can work on.

Complete Access to Qbank

QBank is independent of the quizzes and you can access this feature in addition to attempting the quizzes. With more than 4,000 practice tests, this is an excellent study tool to figure out where exactly you stand.

Unlike other course providers, Blueprint also allows you to fully customize the questions according to the concepts you have mastered. You can use this tool in addition to your general learning modules for a better understanding of your performance.

Practice Exams

If practice exams are what you look forward to, Blueprint is your best bet. With 15+ full-length exams, Blueprint strives to offer you the true feel of the real MCAT.

The tests mirror questions and the structure as you would find in the MCAT exam and after completing them, you also get a detailed review of your answers, focusing on what’s good and what could have been better.

Books and Additional Resources

Blueprint MCAT also offers a wide range of additional resources and books. Upon signing up for their course, you get access to six hardcopy titles covering all your MCAT subjects like physics, biological science, and biochemistry to name a few.

Besides, you get tons of supplemental resources, the most noteworthy being, their fully customizable study plan. Thanks to this feature, you can now fully personalize your study plan with the kind of modules you want, your preferred diagnostic tests, and more.

One-on-One Tutoring

If you are looking to go the extra mile, you might want to check out the tutoring packages offered by Blueprint. The tutors are experts in their fields with 99 percentile scores in their MCAT exams.

Not only do they explain a concept clearly, but they also load you up with plenty of useful test-taking strategies that drive your focus and helps you make the most of your time.

Live Classes

No MCAT course is complete without live classes, and Blueprint takes care of this factor as well. Not only do they offer 40+ hours of live instructions from the trainers, but they also divide the videos into 16 easily digestible formats. Each video has a run time of 2.5+ hours and as you would probably guess, they are loaded with facts and expert guidance from the trainers.

Score Increase/Money Back Guarantee

Like most leading test prep providers, Blueprint comes with a moneyback plan. With this plan in place, you claim a refund if you do not witness a significant increase in your score even after using their course. You will, however, need to meet some basic requirements like completing all the modules and taking at least one full-length test.

If your score doesn’t increase even after meeting these requirements, you can either repeat the course free of cost or claim a full refund. Blueprint is really confident with their moneyback options because almost all their students witness an average 10-point boost in their scores. Since this adds to the reliability of the course, we are genuinely satisfied with the offering.


As with every other MCAT course provider, Blueprint has a couple of areas that require a tad bit of improvement. In this section, we will discuss factors in detail.

Superficial Explanations

As previously mentioned, we think the quiz explanations lacked a tad bit of detail. While the correct answers were backed by explanations with substantial examples, we couldn’t say the same for incorrectly attempted questions.

No Mobile App

Blueprint doesn’t come with a dedicated mobile app where you can access the course content 24*7. While the web application is designed to have an app-like feel, it doesn’t quite compensate for the convenience you would otherwise enjoy with a mobile application.

Final Verdict

Overall, Blueprint MCAT course is highly comprehensive with every kind of input you are likely to require as a part of your test. While we do feel that there can be significant improvements in terms of concept explanation, the course is still quite engaging with top-notch video lessons, quality practice content, and thousands of preparation resources.

The pricing plans, despite being steep are quite flexible when compared to other course providers. Our overall experience was excellent, thanks to the engaging content, interactive videos, and expert trainers who were always willing to address our queries. So, if you are looking for an MCAT course that’s light and easy to consume, this is one of the best options out there!

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