PrepScholar GRE Review [2024]

Preparation is the key to getting excellent results in any examination, and GRE prep courses are highly considered by many, as one of the best things to do while preparing for GRE tests. These prep courses are most effective when it comes to learning the GRE syllabus. In that regard, the PrepScholar GRE is well known amongst other big names such as Magoosh, Kaplan and Princeton.

It is a very affordable, less expensive and unique alternative to help enhance GRE test practice. It’s innovative and gaming approach to learning gives PrepScholar the edge in education technology. Although PrepScholar is a newer company which is also smaller than the big names, they offer amazing courses for GRE test preparations.

PrepScholar GRE Review

They have established themselves somewhere in the mind of students with their innovative tech style of learning. So, if you are looking to take advantage of GRE courses to enhance your knowledge, PrepScholar GRE is a great pick due to its low cost and high-quality with amazing results.

PrepSholar offers highly effective and customized study plans with personalized lessons which does a great job in preparing students for their GRE tests and boosting actual GRE scores and that’s why it is included on our list of Best GRE Prep Courses.


PrepScholar GRE Review

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  • Well-customized study plans
  • Interactive videos and detailed written explanations
  • Competitive pricing
  • GRE Math workshop and free admission guides
  • Lack of live tutoring sessions
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Even though the ratings on PrepScholar GRE and the online scoreboard offer potential users guarantee on the platform’s reliability, the features and benefits of PrepScholar is another thing to check before committing to the platform’s services. Some of the features available on PrepScholar include;

Personalization of Courses

With PrepScholar, all students will get personalized curriculums based on ability level which will be tested through a diagnostic test that will be taken on arrival to the platform. With this test, graders on PrepScholar will be able to determine your strength and weakness which will determine the design of your GRE course. Frequent lessons and quizzes will be presented after the evaluation which will certainly help improve individual strength in the needed areas.


PrepScholar has been on the lead with other top competitors when it comes to pricing. The platform offers the cheapest GRE practice services and is still on the chart of best GRE Prep Company in the online market. Students will have access to the platform’s Basic package at just $38 for a year which is unbeatable compared to the costs of other competing GRE Prep courses that cost about $200 to $600.

For the more expensive GRE course that offers students the full preparation package, students will have access to the full PrepScholar learning materials for years at only $345 which is also a competitive price for other GRE Prep platforms.

Better Score Guarantee

The features on PrepScholar GRE may not be the best in the market, but with its 7 points and higher guarantee on the actual exams, the platform offers the best guarantee. From the ratings and reviews of past students, this guarantee is not a scheme to attract more students but a fact.

Free Trial

PrepScholar offers up to about five days free use with access to all the platform’s features and services which is one of the best free trial deals on GRE Prep companies. So, if you will like to try the GRE courses on PrepScholar, you can opt for the free trial and decide on whether to commit or not.

Duration of Access

Students will have up to a year’s access to the services of PrepScholar which gives them just the time they need to prepare for their GRE tests and take as many as they please. There is also an unlimited package that allows for access to all PrepScholar GRE Prep materials and services for several years.

Progress Reports

With frequent progress reports on individual performance, students can determine the areas they have improved in and what to work harder on. The report page can be easily accessed on the student’s dashboard and every student will get a reminder email weekly on their week’s schedule which helps them get prepared for the week’s challenge.

Expert Instructors

Based on student’s reviews, the instructors on PrepScholar are the best GRE instructors as they do great jobs in organizing student’s lessons, practice questions and giving comprehensive explanations to students. The instructors on PrepScholar provide students with as much detail through questions and lessons as possible which aids student’s preparation.

Strategy Lessons

Since people are different, they have their different learning patterns and preference, which is why PrepScholar incorporated a pattern that helps students who have issues with the contents and materials on the platform. The strategy lessons are made up of 14 lessons that educate students on things they should know about the GRE tests. This strategy lesson is said to provide students with interesting tips and tricks that help them ace the GRE tests.

Another interesting learning pattern incorporated by PrepScholar is its Game-based Learning technique that gives the student a rush of entertainment and learning at the same time. With this learning system, students can focus on the normal obsession of increasing game levels and getting more lives to progress on increasing levels of difficulty on the courses they are preparing for. This pattern allows the student to determine their weaknesses and improve in the next levels they play/study.

PrepScholar also offers students about two Short Diagnostic tests, spaced out through their preparation program. After these tests, an algorithm will be used to determine if a student is ready for the actual tests or need more tutoring.

Unlike other GRE Prep platforms, PrepScholar measures a student’s mastery, based on his/her skills scale rate and how easily they can scale through the main questions instead of judging based on time management. This way, reports will be made based on the level of skill mastery on the questions in sections of the student’s course.

Pricing and Plans

Someplace in this article, we shed little light on the pricing system of PrepScholar however, a more in-depth explanation of the pricing system and the benefits on the different packages is listed below;

1. Yearly Plan

For a year’s program, students will have access to the features below at just $38

  • An adaptive diagnostic exam at the start of the class to determine a student’s strength and weakness that will help create a personalized study plan
  • Up to 150 hours of interactive lessons with expert instructors
  • A guided study plan that helps improve skills in the needed areas
  • Mini-lessons based on a student’s skills
  • 2000+ GRE questions from the different sections of the course
  • Vocabulary courses as well as Math lessons
  • Two practice tests, similar to the actual GRE tests throughout the course.

This package is great for students that need affordable GRE preparation, full access to excellent test preparation options and are willing to be committed to the process to get the best results.

2. Lifetime Plan

The Lifetime package that grants individual access to PrepScholar for several years, cost $345. The features included in this package are;

  • All features on the previous package and
  • Individual scoring of 4 Analytic Writing Assessment

This package is best for people who are worried about the Analytic Writing Assessment scores and are uncertain on whether they will take or retake the GRE within the next year.


Based on the ratings and reviews, PrepScholar offers great preparation options for students at the most affordable prices and the score guarantee on the platform provides a trust level for potential users of its service. With a five-day free trial on the platform, people have full access to the features on PrepScholar and can determine if it meets their needs for GRE preparation.


Is PrepScholar good for GRE?

Yes. PrepScholar offer students access to several features and GRE-like tests that helps improve their GRE preparation.

Is there a score guarantee on PrepScholar?

Yes. PrepScholar offers the student a score guarantee of more than 7 points. If this guarantee is not met, a student will get a full refund of the original price paid.

Are there practice tests on PrepScholar?

Yes. Throughput the course on PrepScholar, students will take 2 full-length diagnostic tests that help determine student’s improvement in the different sections of the course.

What Materials are available on PrepScholar GRE?

PrepScholar GRE provides students with all the materials that are tested on the actual GRE exams, which include Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytic Writing. All materials are comprehensive and recommended GRE experts.

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