Best Gre Prep Courses Online

Let’s face it: GRE isn’t one of the easiest tests and it takes plenty of time, effort, and patience to land your preferred graduate school. You are probably familiar with this struggle if you are already planning to prepare for the test and you possibly have a fair idea about the time required for the process.

But here’s the deal: besides time and effort, you also need the right resources. And since you will spend hours assessing and studying the course specifics, it is important to choose a GRE Prep Course that is well-aligned with your preparation schedule. You also need to make sure that the course is informative and comprehensive enough to address all your ifs and buts about the complex subjects.

Luckily, for you, we have got this covered! Since preparing for the course itself is quite an ordeal, we have made things simpler by curating and listing out the best GRE prep courses. Each course is listed after extensive research and over the next few sections, you will find out more about them.


Best GRE Prep Courses Online

Choosing the best GRE Prep course isn’t really an easy job. With hundreds of great courses out there, zeroing in on the best study material is baffling, to say the least! So how do you figure out which course works best for your requirements?

Well, it is pretty simple. First, check what the course covers and make sure it includes all your required subjects. Next, check if the course comes with a set of practice questions to help you prepare better. Finally, look up the support options offered by the course.

Best Gre Prep Courses Online

For instance, check whether the course is compatible with digital devices, explore the email and chat support options, and to double-check on everything, read genuine testimonials from people who have actually used the course.

Well, After dealing with the above process, we have listed the following best courses as they are informative and have been widely lauded by both students and educators alike. Keep reading to find out more about these course offerings.

1. Magoosh

Our pick

Magoosh Logo
Get 6 Month Premium Plan at just $119
  • 240+ tutorial videos, 1200+mock tests, study plans, & flashcards
  • Accessible through all digital devices
  • Accurate score prediction
  • Efficient support team
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Magoosh is one of the most informative and affordable GRE prep courses out there! Backed by more than 240 tutorial videos, detailed study plans, mock examinations, flashcards, and 1200 practice tests– this course offers a perfect refresher for the most difficult subjects. The best part: it is fully digital and can be accessed from every type of device.

To help you stick to a study plan, this course offers 24X7 email support. What’s more, you also get a free score improvement guarantee and an added option to tweak the course according to your preferences.

We were also impressed by the real-time assessments that further helped to pinpoint weaker spots. Besides, Magoosh is also backed by a team of expert educators who will assess your performance according to existing and previous score trends. The result: you will receive an almost accurate score prediction for your impending exam.

Magoosh’s GRE course comes with a 7-day trial plan. So, if you think the course doesn’t match your requirements, you can cancel the subscription at any point within 7 days of registration. I personally vouch for the 6-month program since it is the best and the most comprehensive program there is. You can, however, check their plans to explore other options.

Overall, this is a pretty decent course, and we would recommend it any day to everyone who is struggling to stick to a proper study schedule for their GRE exam.

Magoosh is probably one of the most reputed GRE prep courses to be featured on this list. Overall, their course seemed to be intuitive and extremely comprehensive. The tutorial videos follow a friendly and straightforward approach and the mock tests help you to double-check on the loopholes. Although the price is still on the steeper side, we were quite impressed with the course in general and the almost-accurate score prediction.

2. Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep
Manhattan Logo
No Active Deal Right Now
  • Simple explanation of complex concepts
  • Multiple online and offline practice tests
  • Dedicated resources for every concept
  • Approachable support team
  • Expensive
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Unlike the other books featured on this list, Manhattan Prep has a series of books focusing on the different concept areas of GRE. So, while you will find one book specializing in algebra, another one is dedicated to quantitative comparisons. Every book deals with multiple concepts, that are further divided into small chapters. This way, it becomes a tad bit easier to grasp the complex GRE topics that you would otherwise spend hours to fathom.

What we loved most about this course is the fact that Manhattan Prep makes the effort to de-clutter your study schedule. As inconsequential as it sounds, this is certainly a great way to go forward, especially for students who have no prior experience with GRE preparation.

As with other GRE prep courses, Manhattan Prep comes with a set of practice sets based on the GRE question patterns. Ranging from simple to complex, these test questions offer plenty of room for improvement and practice.

The GRE training approach of Manhattan Prep is straightforward and compelling. Since the explanations are broken down to the very last detail, you won’t have to look up other resources to get your questions addressed.

Overall, this course, with its simple explanations, goes a long way in assisting both novice and experience GRE test-takers. For best results, take both their online and offline mock GRE tests.

Manhattan Prep seems to be a pretty decent practice resource if you are just getting started with your GRE preparation schedule. The lessons are explained in a simple language and every explanation is backed by facts and equations (wherever relevant). Although the course is slightly on the pricier end, the mock tests, and detailed explanations, make up for this minor flaw.

3. Princeton Review

Princeton Review
Princeton Logo
Save $250 with Gre 162+ Plan and $100 with Self Study Plan
  • 180+ hours of course with 24+ hours of instructions in real-time
  • Adaptive and extremely intuitive practice drills
  • Detailed score assessments and feedback on essays
  • Customizable study plans
  • Does not have a mobile application
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Available in multiple formats, the Princeton Review is probably one of the most customizable GRE prep courses to be featured on this list. The course is available in three primary formats: in-person, live online, and self-paced. This is an excellent feature as it allows you to personalize the degree of help, they require.

We particularly loved the Live Online program since it came with 180+ hours of detailed instructions and almost every feature from the Self-Paced Format. In those 180+ hours, more than 24 hours is entirely dedicated to the live instruction from educators covering every major subject and useful test-taking strategies. This format also includes close to 500 training drills and 3500+ mock questions.

What we enjoyed most about this course is the fact that the makers actually take the time to offer you some useful online resources and books. This is further backed by the thorough study strategies which are especially useful for students who are preparing for the exam in a super-busy schedule.

The Princeton Review is also quite interactive as they combine lectures from educators with training drills and mock exercises. The course makers try to make up for the absence of a mobile platform by using interactive training approaches with impromptu quizzes and flashcards. If you want to go the extra mile, they can also sign up for their Ultimate Course Program that will allow you access to their respective instructors beyond the regular class schedules.

This course has turned out to be extremely useful and given the number of training resources they come to offer; it is certainly worth your time.

Princeton Review seems to be an excellent resource for both newbie and expert test-takers. With a customizable study plan, and live instructions- this course won't just prepare you for the test, but also offer you proper and useful insights for the difficult concepts. Although the lack of a mobile application appears to be an issue, the online study plans (accessible through desktops/laptops) certainly makes up for it.

4. Target Test Prep

Target Test Prep
Target Test Prep Logo
Save $150 with Dedicated Study Plan
  • 30+ modules for quantitative analysis
  • Detailed equation guide covering all vital concepts
  • Webinars and other online resources with exam strategies and guidelines
  • Hundreds of practice problems, customized mock tests, chapter-specific tests, and more
  • Doesn’t include verbal platform
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The Target Test Prep is one of the best courses for students seeking a comprehensive GRE prep course. With study plans, self-paced tests, active review, diagnostic exams, and everything in between- this course seems to cover it all. Tailored for students looking to boost their quant score, the quantitative part of this course comes with 30 different modules.

Thanks to the detailed explanations and the numerous practice questions, it leaves no unchartered territory when it comes to math or quantitative analysis. This way, students are duly prepared for the test, regardless of the complexity of the question.

Unlike many major course providers who are significantly lagging in terms of tech-friendliness, Target Test Prep has no such issue. Yes! You can access this course from any device and study the available resources according to your preferred schedule. The course makers also offer plenty of tutoring and live counseling options. So, if you want one-on-one attention from your teachers, this is probably the best way to move forward.

The easy schedule and simple approach will certainly exceed your expectations. In addition to all other features, Target Test Prep has an exclusive money-back guarantee. Thanks to this option, you can always seek a full refund if you do not manage to get your expected score despite completing the course.

This is one of the best courses for anyone who is looking to hone their quantitative analysis skills. With training modules, customized study plans, and an entire chapter dedicated to vital equations and concepts- this course prepares you for quants like none other. Unfortunately, since it does not come with a verbal platform, you might need to team up this course with another course for better and more comprehensive preparation.

5. Kaplan’s GRE Prep

Kaplan Gre Prep
Kaplan Logo
Save $300 on Live Online Plan
  • Completely self-paced
  • 18+ hours of pre-recorded video content, 35+ hours of live instructions
  • Straightforward training approach
  • 5000+ mock questions
  • Some of the test-taking strategies are extremely basic
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Kaplan is yet another excellent self-paced course that comes with both online and offline options. As a part of this course, you will receive two primary workbooks that don’t just cover the course concepts but also elucidate on vital test tasking strategies.

To top it off, it also features a set of practice tests covering the verbal, quantitative, and full-length questions that you are usually expected to attempt during the GRE exam. While you can purchase either the online or offline versions of the course, we would recommend both for more comprehensive preparation.

One of the biggest highlights of Kaplan’s course is their detailed online instruction that can be accessed on their KapTest platform. Here, you will find a bunch of pre-recorded audio-visual resources that will further help you to ace your exam. The videos include everything from detailed lectures to mock test drills. Either way, with this course and the video content by your side, you can be confident about attempting any question that comes in your way.

We checked Kaplan’s website while assessing the course content and found it equally quite user-friendly. Upon subscribing to their course, you will find their materials duly sectioned in small lesson plans. As of now, you find four verbal and quantitative lessons, both of which are perfectly structured and beautifully explained. To back up your study plan, they also include a list of simulated practice questions that are both complex and realistic.

All in all, we were quite impressed by this course’s approach and we would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s preparing for the test.

Kaplan seems to offer a decent GRE course, given the amount of online instruction and practice questions they come with. In our experience, this is one of the best courses for students who are looking to understand the nitty-gritty of algebra and quantitative analysis. The course will build a solid math foundation and the student support team will readily address your doubts along the way.

6. PrepScholar

PrepScholar Logo
Save $360 with Best Selling Plan
  • Well-customized study plans
  • Interactive videos and detailed written explanations
  • Competitive pricing
  • GRE Math workshop and free admission guides
  • Lack of live tutoring sessions
Visit PrepScholar

This is one of those rare courses where the course makers actually take the time to customize the learning process depending on the student’s core strengths and vulnerabilities. As a part of the process, PrepScholar first requests the students to answer 60 different questions.

Once the students complete their test, the system leverages its Machine Learning algorithms to customize a course for them. This way, you’re left with a course that is tailored to address your weaknesses and improve your strengths.

While using this course, we were extremely impressed by the Study Plan. You are likely to get this plan immediately after completing the 60-question test. In the study plan, you can set the hours they plan to spend preparing for the GRE over the course of a week. The system will then factor the previous answers attempted by the students and review the upcoming GRE test date to provide a detailed study plan that works best with the test-takers schedule.

The study plan will cover a list of lessons you need to prepare for the following week. So, if you are someone who struggles to stick to a consistent preparation schedule, this course might be your best bet!

The lessons of PrepScholar’s GRE course come loaded with plenty of written explanations and a couple of interactive audio-visual sessions. Unfortunately, there isn’t any live mentoring session available on the platform yet.

PrepScholar’s GRE course is ideal for students who struggle to follow a proper schedule. The study plan keeps your preparation in check and with the enhanced customization options, you are only left to focus on the areas that genuinely require your attention. While the lack of live mentoring might affect some students, we were still quite impressed by the available video resources and concept-specific explanations.

7. examPAL

exampal logo
Save $100 with Premium Plan
  • Fun and informative training approach
  • Plenty of practice quizzes at the end of every lesson
  • Consistent student support
  • Ideal for both first-timers and experienced candidates
  • Certain subjects lack detail and require more explanation
Visit examPAL
If you are looking to prepare for GRE within 100-120 hours- examPAL is your go-to course. This GRE Review course delivers just the right results with its excellent testing system, comprehensive practice questions, and efficient support team. Unlike many popular courses, this program is uniquely tailored for both first-time test takers and experienced candidates. This way, both sets of students get a perfect course that is well-aligned with their preparation plan.

The biggest highlight of this course is that every lesson here is based on one specific concept. This is further backed by excellent teaching, useful math and science principles, and multiple practice quizzes. Since every chapter comes with mock questions and quizzes, you can now thoroughly check their subject knowledge and problem-solving abilities without any roadblock.

We were particularly fond of the lesson format since defies all conventional norms. The lessons are fun, informative, and thoroughly interactive. The makers also use a unique approach called gamification which requires you to reach specific milestones before taking a test for a certain subject. Both the lesson format and the approach kept us motivated throughout the course.

The course is also quite affordable and is available in three pricing plans, namely the Genuis, Premium, and Express package. You can check the individual offerings of these plans and choose one according to your needs.

We used this course for a whole year and found it intuitive and extremely thorough. So, if you are looking for something similar, you might want to check out the specifics of this course.

examPAL stands out with its fun teaching approach and comprehensive practice quizzes. With hundreds of quizzes dedicated to each concept, you will get enough time to understand and address your loopholes. This course is also quite consistent in terms of student support. So, if you encounter any difficult concept that you cannot seem to grasp, simply reach out to the student support team to get it solved in real-time. Although some subjects like algebra and quantitative analysis lack detail, this can be duly compensated with the expert student support team.

Bottom Line

Well, now that you are done checking the reviews, wait no further, and get your preferred GRE Prep Course right away!  Since we have listed some of the best courses along with their pros and cons, you will probably have an easier time zeroing in on the right course.

With that said, always review the testimonials of your preferred course before committing to it. Since GRE is a difficult exam, it only makes sense to purchase a course that is tailored to meet your demands. Review the course contents carefully and make sure you stick to a proper and consistent study plan after purchasing it.

Over time, you will adjust to your new routine and once you dive into the right course and right preparation schedule, there’s absolutely no looking back!

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