Kaplan GRE Prep Review [2024]

With more than four decades’ worth of experience in the educational segment, Kaplan specializes in test prep books for all subjects. So, if you have taken a competitive test of late, chances are, you’ve already used Kaplan’s test prep material. But how exactly does their GRE Test Prep Material stand out? Is it comprehensive and easy to flip through? Are the mock tests detailed enough? Is the customer support team friendly and responsive?

Well, these are some of the many questions we are going to unearth. As you dive in, you will find more information about navigating through Kaplan’s GRE Prep Course. Additionally, you will also get to know about its features, advantages, downsides, and more! 


Kaplan GRE Prep Review

Kaplan Gre Prep
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  • Completely self-paced
  • 18+ hours of pre-recorded video content, 35+ hours of live instructions
  • Straightforward training approach
  • 5000+ mock questions
  • Some of the test-taking strategies are extremely basic
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Kaplan’s GRE Prep Course is extremely In-depth and comprehensive. While the makers have added multiple features, we have listed the ones that truly stood out!


As you’d probably guess, Kaplan’s GRE Test Prep Course comes with numerous perks for students. Keep reading to understand why exactly Kaplan stands out from other top GRE Prep Courses

Kaplan GRE Prep Review

Completely Self-Paced

Probably one of the biggest highlights of Kaplan’s GRE Test Prep is its self-paced learning approach. After purchasing the course, you can immediately access both the physical and the digital workbooks. These books come loaded with useful strategies for your GRE, practice mock tests for the quantitative sections, and multiple quizzes and flashcards for the verbal and logical reasoning sections.

Since the study plan is extremely well-structured, students can easily adapt to the approach and go the extra mile when it comes to preparation.

Detailed Online Instructions

This is yet another major perk of Kaplan’s comprehensive test prep. The company offers an exclusive package with the option of online instruction through a dedicated student portal. Most of this instruction will include pre-recorded subject-specific videos that come with both lectures and practice demonstrations. The best part: you will find a bunch of exercises at the end of every video, which will further help you test your performance in each subject.

This approach is also beneficial for students who are just getting familiar with each subject without much prior insight. The videos are widely recommended by both educators and students alike for the quality of content, accuracy, and the personalized, student-friendly approach.

User-Friendly Website

Kaplan has always focused on creating student-friendly content and their website tries to achieve a similar goal. Kaplan’s dedicated website KapTest is both user-friendly and easy to navigate with. The study materials are duly divides into four specific sections for both quantitative and verbal lessons. Every section is also backed by a digital or hardcopy version of texts. This structure plays a major role in helping students etch out a solid and achievable study plan.

Most students feel that the learning structure by Kaplan is conducive to the actual skills require for taking the GRE. Unlike other prep courses that do not follow a pattern, Kaplan gradually works by focusing on the easier concepts first before moving on to the more complex ones later. As you start studying the course, you will find multiple sections all of which collectively help build your problem-solving abilities and prepare you better for the course.

Comprehensive Study Materials

Kaplan never skimps on the detail, and this is even more evident in their GRE Prep Course. Every video and the textual course is backed by detailed explanations from expert educators. In case you need help at any point, you can always reach out to the customer support team who will then assign you an educator.

The company also comes with a QBank, a special tool enabling you to create personalized practice tests with your preferred question. You can further filter this personalized practice session according to the style, type, and number of questions. So, if you are looking for a course that is both detailed and self-paced- Kaplan’s test prep might just be your answer.

5000+ Practice Tests and 180+ Hours of Instructions

Once you opt for Kaplan’s GRE prep course, you will have access to more than 5,000 practice tests. The number is incredible, to say the least, and you will rarely find a similar program with as many questions.

In addition to the mock tests, students also get access to hundreds of video lessons and interactive quizzes, all of which contribute to 180+ hours of core details.

500+ Interactive Flashcards

The following and strict and consistent study schedule is vital, to say the least. However, students often get worn out and look for interactive ways to consume information faster. Kaplan helps bridge this gap with their excellent flashcards. Upon signing up for Kaplan’s GRE Course, your online resources will come with unlimited access to Kaplan’s mobile application which has a range of flashcards for every subject.

These cards are useful and mobile-friendly. With a library comprising of 500+ flashcards, students can always explore their options and pick specific cards to improve their vocabulary, understand context clues, or hone their synonym knowledge. The best part: you get the option of customizing your own stack of flashcards while also tracking your overall performance.

Moneyback Guarantee

At times, tests don’t go as per expectations. So, if you think your GRE prep course isn’t meeting your expected standards or isn’t helping you achieve the kind of personal improvement you aimed for- you can always request a refund. As with several other competitors, Kaplan too has this option. In case your GRE score doesn’t go up even after completing the course, you will naturally qualify for a complete refund.

You can also re-take the course without paying extra charges if you are unhappy with your current performance in GRE. The refund policies are fairly straightforward, and you can always refer to their website for more details. Overall, the simple and uncomplicated refund, makes this course even more lucrative to both experienced and first-time test takers.

Exclusive Access to Books

With Kaplan, you can choose from their two major textbook options. These options are available on their website and the books on most of the eCommerce portal. Both the books are incredibly insightful when it comes to strategies for test-taking, practice tests, and faculty Q & A sessions.


While Kaplan’s GRE Prep Course is certainly useful, here are some of the areas where it requires a tad bit of improvement.


While Kaplan’s course is certainly all-comprehensive, it is not affordable as some students might expect. Although this is a minor issue, Kaplan can always address this to make the course accessible to more GRE aspirants.


Overall, Kaplan’s GRE Test Prep Material certainly stands out with the richness of the course content and the flexible, interactive learning approach. Students are especially fond of the video lessons since it completely recreates a classroom experience.

The quizzes, mock tests, and flashcards are equally impressive. Unlike popular courses, Kaplan’s GRE Prep Course doesn’t just familiarize students with the course, but it also helps them retain important details which go a long way in helping them ace the test. So, if you are looking for a course that is detailed, comprehensive, self-paced, and student-friendly; Kaplan GRE Test Prep might just be an excellent option.


1. How Accurate are Kaplan GRE Practice Tests compare to the real test?

Since Kaplan GRE Practice Tests aims to help you ace the GRE, the practice tests are closely accurate to the actual test. However, this will only help you address all open loopholes which in turn, will help you fare better at the exam.

2. Is Kaplan harder than GRE?

Yes, the mock tests (especially the quantitative and logical reasoning sections) of Kaplan are consider as more difficult than the actual papers in GRE. However, you can always choose the difficulty level by personalizing the test. Even if you don’t, you will always have the advantage of being better prepared for the test since you have already dealt with the difficult questions.

3. Is Kaplan Good for GRE?

Recommended by both students and educators alike, Kaplan’s Test Prep is certainly an excellent resource for GRE. The course is well-researched, and every section is detailed with illustrated examples and explanations.

Since the course also covers 5000+ mock tests and 180+ hours of instructional content, students will get a thorough insight into the challenges they might encounter while attempting the GRE.

4. Is Kaplan Online Gre Prep Course Worth it?

Yes, Kaplan Online GRE Prep Course is certainly worth your money. The course is detail-oriented and well-supplemented by textbook resources, flashcards, and interactive videos. Since the course is also self-paced, students will have the complete flexibility of personalizing it according to their preferences.

5. How much will Kaplan raise my GRE Score?

Kaplan can raise your GRE score by 10 points or more. However, this entirely depends on the way you use the course. For best results, we recommend using the GRE course along with your textbook content.

Additionally, you should also create a stringent study schedule and stick to it until the final test date. These simple hacks along with Kaplan’s comprehensive test prep material will help you go the extra mile in your upcoming GRE.

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