How Many Times Can You Take The LSAT?

If you are about the take the LSAT tests, odds are, you have a lot of unanswered questions about the test that could get you into any top law school of your choice. If one of those questions is; “how many times can I take the LSATs?” Then you will have an in-depth answer to that question in this article.

How Many Times Can You Take The LSAT

The Law School Assessment Council is the organization placed with the responsibility of handling any issue that has to do with the Law School Assessment Test.  The council has recently re-instated limits on the number of times a candidate can sit for the LSAT per year and also, in a lifetime.

How Many Times Can You Take The LSAT?

The limit on how many times you can take the LSAT was re-instated in September 2019 and this rule counts till date. The limits are;

LSAT Test Taking Limits

  • The Law School Assessment council considers the testing year for a whole year, to be June 1st to May 31st. In a testing year, you can only take the LSAT three times.
  • Within the current testing year and last five testing years, (which is about the time the LSAC submits your scores to law schools), you can take the LSAT only five times.
  • You can take the LSAT only seven times in over a lifetime.

In the past 10 years, this policy has been changed only a few times and the LSAC anticipated that the change made in September 2019 will affect less than 1% of the yearly LSAT candidates. Candidates that have taken the test can appeal to the council to exempt them from this policy with valid reasons.

Why You Should Take LSAT Only Once

Although you can take the LSAT a few times in a year and over a lifetime, here are a few reasons why you should take it only once.

1) It is an unquestionable mistake to work with chances when taking any test and in this case, the LSAT (one of the most important and advanced tests for law students). We recently understood that some students practice what they call the “trial run”.

They just take the LSAT without proper preparation and if they get their desired score, they win but if they don’t, they just take the test again. This is a misstep that will lead you to waste money and having cancelled scores on your report. And you must know that cancelled scores on your LSAT may warrant your desired top Law school to look into reasons for score cancellation and could even make them consider your admission less. 

2) Aside from worrying about not getting into your desired Law school, taking the LSAT continuously tends to decrease your confidence in acing the test and also affect your preparation for the next.

3) You have only six days to cancel your score after the LSAT test, so technically, you are not sure you didn’t meet your required score except you left out a whole section or you are certain your performance was poor.

4) Many schools also consider taking your highest LSAT score if you took the test more than once, so you could as well not cancel the scores and look into it after, so you can determine where you went wrong, which could improve your preparation before you re-take the tests.

Other Related Questions

How Many LSAT Practice tests should I take before the actual tests?

We recommend that you should take as many practice tests as you can before the LSATs, It will put you on the same conditions as the actual LSATs, with actual LSAT questions from past tests.

Students can also study their results from the practice tests and determine their strength and weaknesses, which will assist them in their preparation.

How can I take the LSAT once?

Taking the LSAT once is possible but it requires hard work, self-discipline and diligence. Good preparation for the LSAT is the key to acing the test on the first go.

There are several LSAT prep courses online and in-person that can help you prepares for the LSAT and gets you into any top law school of your choice. You can search for a prep course that fits your budget and practice and also applies fundamental LSAT preparation tips to aid your self-prep.

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