Princeton MCAT Prep Review [2024]

Princeton MCAT prep course serves the same purpose as other well-known MCAT prep courses, which is to ensure that students are adequately prepared for their MCATs and can write the exams with confidence and zero pressure. The prep program’s aim while preparing students for the MCATs is to solve the problems of;

  • Inadequate prep time
  • Issues with memorizing
  • Heavy workload

In a nutshell, Princeton MCAT prep program help students in preparing for the MCATs in a short period, providing them with solutions that enable smooth memorization, regardless of the workload. In this review, we will determine how well Princeton’s prep course solves the problems listed above from our researches made from past student reviews and other credible sources.


Princeton MCAT Review

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  • Highly comprehensive 123+ live/in-person hours and 500+ hours of video content
  • Significantly higher subscription length
  • 2500+ practice problems and 16+ full-length tests
  • Loaded with supplementary materials
  • Led by multiple instructors
  • Plenty of course materials to sift through
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Before we look into the features and services available for students on this prep course, we have found that Princeton MCAT prep course is available online and offline (in person) lessons and the platform offer students several prep packages to select from, depending on which best suits their choice of preparation and budget.

Princeton MCAT Review

The features available on Princeton’s MCAT prep course depend on the package, and students can access the platform’s MCAT Flashcards App for free. The MCAT Flashcards App provides students with complete access to;

  • Up to 550 content flashcards that cover the key subjects on the MCATs, which include; Organic Chemistry, Critical analysis and reasoning skills, Math, Physics, Sociology and Psychology, General Chemistry, and Biochemistry.
  • Focus on topics that MCATs questions revolve around
  • Simple, yet detailed definitions of concepts.
  • Create custom cards and themed decks with easy-to-use tools
  • Progress reports that help students monitor their preparation progress.

These features are available to students for free, and according to a past Princeton MCAT student, “all you have to do is download the app and sign in.”

Princeton’s MCAT paid preparation options to include;


At just $1,699 throughout the course, students will have access to innovative tools that help them prepare for the MCATs adequately. The self-paced package is available online, and students are provided with a comprehensive practice method and tools that help them prepare at their own pace. The features and services available on this package include;

  • A diagnostic exam that allows a student to write a practice test for the MCAT before preparation kicks off.
  • An extensive video library that includes more than 500 videos on demand that covers all contents on the MCATs course outline.
  • Practice tools include; all AAMC recognized materials for MCAT preparation, two shortened practice exams, and 14 full-length practice exams, taken under the actual MCAT conditions.
  • Thousands of passage-based and free-standing questions with detailed answers/explanations
  • 10 MCAT prep books, seven of which are subject-specific to the MCATs and three books exclusive to students’ preferences.
  • A 100% return policy.

Winter Bootcamp

This package is available online and in person. It has a 510+ score guarantee and is accessible from $2799 throughout the course. Several Winter Bootcamp schedules provide students with equal features, which includes;

  • Diagnostic exams
  • A 4-6 week study program
  • Up to 123 hours of live expert instructions and explanations
  • A personalized study manager
  • A total of 15 full-length practice tests
  • Thousands of practice questions
  • AAMC content/ outline for study
  • Specialized subject-matter instructors
  • 11 MCAT prep books and four books with exclusive student titles, amounting to a total of 15 books
  • Access to admission advantage sessions to medical schools,
  • 44-hour classroom experience with a focus on instructions on strategies used in the different sections on the MCATs
  • Instruction focus on test-taking strategies and the full content review of the MCATs, which can be accessed at a total of 79 hours of classroom time.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if score-guarantee isn’t met after diligent completion of the course.

Some reviews of past students on this package include;

  • Effective time management
  • Excellent MCAT practice method
  • Simple and clear instructions and explanations of complex contents.


The ultimate package on Princeton’s MCAT Prep course is also available online and in-person and is accessible at $2799. Just like the Winter Bootcamp package, the Ultimate package also offer students different study schedules with features that include;

  • Diagnostic exams
  • Thousands of drills and explanatory answers
  • Up to 123 hours of live classroom instructions and explanations, covering all AAMC outline and scopes that are subject-specific to the MCATs
  • 15 full-length practice tests
  • More than 500 on-demand videos
  • Study manager
  • 100% money-back guarantee

MCAT 510+

This package is the most popular on Princeton’s MCAT prep course and is accessible at $3,399 throughout the program. It is available online and in-person, offering students over a 510 score-guarantee, just like the Ultimate and Winter Bootcamp package. The features available on this package include;

  • All features on the ultimate package
  • A personalized expert study manager
  • About 4-6 experts in subject-matter
  • 16 full-length practice tests with two short versions
  • The new practice test 4
  • Flashcards
  • Interactive score reports

MCAT 515+ Immersion

This is the most advanced plan on Princeton’s MCAT full preparation packages. It is accessible at $6,999 throughout the program, and it provides students with the following features;

  • More than 860 hours of instructions, practice, and support
  • 195 hours of live instructions from MCAT experts
  • Full content lessons, reviews, and test-taking strategies
  • Subject-specific lessons on the different MCAT sections
  • 24/7 on-demand video tutoring
  • Topic focus and office hour
  • Extended practice on every treated topic
  • Adaptive drilling tools
  • All other features available on the MCAT 510+ package

Princeton’s MCAT prep course also provides students with other preparation plans that include;

  • Private tutoring, available online and in-person at $183 per hour
  • Comprehensive admission counselling program, available online only at $3,500
  • MCAT topic focus, accessible online at $399 and
  • CARS Accelerator, available online at $499

The features available on the packages are exceptional, and several students have testified on how well the course helped boost their MCAT scores which improved their chances of admission into their desired medical schools.

On the online scoreboard, Princeton’s MCAT prep course has a rating of 4.6. With a score-guarantee and 100% money-back guarantee, students have a safe and reliable environment for study, with different preparation options and maximum security.

From our research, we have found that the Princeton MCAT Prep course provides students with excellent preparation aids for the MCATs, utilizing advanced tools and great services that help them ace the MCAT. Based on past student opinions and online polls, the pros and cons of Princeton’s MCAT include;


  • The online portal is easy to use and streamlined.
  • Score-guarantee and 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Comprehensive study materials.
  • Personalized study manager that allows students to get detailed feedback and monitor progress.
  • Complete review of all study scope covered in the MCAT.


  • Mobility on the course is quite restricted.
  • The course may be quite expensive for some.

Our Verdict

The Princeton MCAT prep course provides students with great preparation tools that enable them to ace the MCATs. From our researches and questionnaires, we have gotten excellent testimonies from past students on how the course offered them the best solution, utilizing tools that did not only get them prepared to write the exams but helped develop their confidence and increase their results.

With a 4.6 rating online from other MCAT experts, we have concluded that Princeton’s MCAT prep course is an excellent way to get the best results on the actual MCATS, after taking several practice tests and getting instructions on courses recommended by the AAMC.  The score and money-guarantee also help build trust and reliability; however, the price may be quite high for some candidates.

With several preparation options that offer students different features, preparation options, and prices, students have a wide array of Princeton MCAT prep courses to pick from and can select a schedule that best suits their routines from the list of schedules available on the different packages.


1. What does a “better score guarantee” mean?

If your package on Princeton’s MCAT course has a “better score guarantee” included, you are guaranteed that you will get a higher score in the MCAT at the end of your program. If you don’t get higher score and if you have followed all learning protocols accordingly, you will get your money back.

In case, you have shipped any program materials to your location, you will have the cost of the shipping deducted from your initial payment for the MCAT course and the remainder returned to you, according to the 100% money-back guarantee rule.

2. Is there a score-guarantee on the Princeton MCAT Prep course?

Yes. There is a 100% money-back guarantee for any package with a score-guarantee on Princeton’s MCAT prep course; however, students are required to do their best in studying accordingly, exclusively following instructions, taking practice tests, and using materials provided by the program.

Student’s activities are managed and monitored by a personalized study manager and a tracker that monitors a student’s progress.

3. When will I get my study material after purchasing from Princeton’s MCAT prep course?

Study materials will be shipped within 7-10 days before your course kicks-off. The shipping agency, UPS, is trusted to deliver course materials on time with standard ground shipping.

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