MCAT Self Prep Review [2024]

If you are going to take the Medical College Admission Tests soon and need a course to help you prepare efficiently, you should try out the MCAT Self Prep program. We have found that the platform provides an amazing learning environment with appropriate learning modalities based on our research and the reviews of past MCAT candidates and some experts.

It provides students with amazing learning modules, including well-detailed study materials, practice tests, intuitive tutors, and amazing video contents, amongst other features. More interestingly, the course can be accessed for free, although with certain limitations, and the course can be taken from the comfort of your home.

MCAT Self Prep Review

MCAT is an essential part of your medical studies and your profession as a health care practitioner, although it is said to be quite difficult. It is a standardized exam for undergraduate medical exams that requires several weeks/months of preparation and practice and is one of the most essential requirements for admission into any medical school in the United States and other locations like Canada, Australia, and the Caribbean.


MCAT Self Prep Review

MCAT Self Prep
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  • Complete access to 300+ hours of video lessons
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Comes with 5000+ flashcards for enhancing your memory retention
  • Offers personalized support (as needed)
  • Thriving Facebook community for clarifying additional doubts
  • Does not have any specific practice exam
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The MCAT is designed to test for critical thinking, problem-solving skills, analytical writing, and scientific principles and concepts.

Although the MCAT is a Computer-based test that can be taken multiple times in a single person’s life, every candidate should strive to ace the exams. This can only happen with adequate preparations for the exams and enlightenment on primary and secondary information on the Medical College Admission Test.

In preparing for the MCATs, a candidate could use either of these strategies

  • Self Preparation
  • An online MCAT prep course
  • Self Preparation and online MCAT prep course

People have different learning adaptabilities, and it is advisable to choose an option that will work best for you. Some people assimilate better when they learn from others and undergo vigorous exercises and learning sections with adequate tutors’ explanations.

The MCAT Self Prep is an online e-course that offers MCAT candidates or aspiring MCAT candidates to prepare for the exams. The MCAT Self Prep program provides candidates with several learning options and study tips that aid their preparation for the exams as well as different packages that support preference on study style and pattern. Some of the amazing features MCAT Self Prep provides to its students include;

Great Structure

MCAT Self Prep is well organized as it provides its online candidates with well-compiled prep materials on all subjects under test on the actual MCATs, following expertise and an easy learning pattern. Based on the reviews of past students, the MCATs provide the most comprehensive study materials that and with appropriate practice methods, candidates are expected to ace the tests.

Personalization & Customization

The prep program also provides students with an excellent level of customization that will enable them to customize preparation and study on their terms. A few students reported that the prep course helped them target their strengths and weaknesses, and there was no pressure in learning on them. Instead, they were able to study cumulatively and to comprehend better and faster.

Reliable Learning Modules

The MCAT Self Prep program provides students with up to 150 lessons that comprehend the Association of American Medical Colleges’ course outline. This way, students do not prepare for any regular exam but follow the outline and treat topics that will most likely appear in the actual examinations.

Practice Tests

The MCAT Self Prep platform provides candidates with several practice tests within the program that enable them to write under actual MCAT conditions. This gets you prepared for the most crucial experiences and prepares you to answer questions in the best way without as much pressure as you’d have when writing for the first time.

Amazing Video Content

Visualizing concepts are one of the best ways to memorize them. The MCAT Self Prep course provides students with over 300 hours of explanatory video content that can be seen at twice the speed. Past MCAT candidates have referred to these videos and how they contain both practical works and lectures from expert tutors.

Study Tips & Brain Boosters

Frequent study tips will be provided to the students to keep them on the right track as they prepare for the MCATs, and after every video session, students are asked questions that help boost their memory of the video content.

Social Media Study Group

The MCAT Self Prep has created a social platform on Facebook, where students can connect and study together. This helps with the circulation of knowledge, advice, and fun.

MCAT Launchpad

This feature provides students or aspiring MCAT candidates the opportunity to meet with the Head Tutor of MCAT Self Prep. Students will enjoy this session for free and will get excellent study tips, keys to succeeding at the MCATs, and lectures on essential elements of the MCAT.

MCAT Bootcamp

The MCAT Bootcamp is another fantastic feature on the course that works with a module that requires the most hardworking and diligent attitude from candidates. This module is activated during the final month of your program, about just a month to your actual MCAT. It includes two full-length practice tests every week, before the actual date of your exams, which will boost your confidence and readiness for the MCAT.


With over 5,000 quiz flashcards, you can instantly get prepped up for a drill. The drills consist of topics that are mostly treated in the examinations, which will also boost your readiness.


As an online platform, one of the primary concerns of candidates is disruption from ads and malware. Several students have commented on the platform’s interface that is free from ads and malware, which offers a smooth learning environment.

Plans & Pricing

Although the MCAT Self Prep course offers candidates a completely free package with amazing features, including MCAT Bootcamp and Launchpad as well as study materials and video contents, aspiring MCAT candidates will have access to a better preparation environment with amazing features and results on the paid packages which include the Basic Pro, Advanced Pro, and Deluxe Pro.

Basic Pro

The paid plan in MCAT Self Prep starts at $9.99. With the basic plan at less than $10, candidates will have access to video contents, up to 10 content modules, study plans that include lessons on how to customize a personal study plan spreadsheet, a score tracker, and a study portal. Other learning modules can also be added to suit your preference and learning adaptability.

Advanced Pro

The advanced pro plan on MCAT Self Prep is accessible at $99.9 throughout the course. Candidates will be provided with all the features available on the basic plan as well as over 5,000 flashcards, which cover every aspect of the actual examinations.

Deluxe Pro

The Deluxe Pro plan is the most advanced plan on the MCAT Self Prep program. Candidates are provided with all features and services available on the advanced pro plan and access to all features on the platform, as well as nine courses that are focused on improving memorization and strategy. These aspects help students master skills that ensure they ace the MCATs.


MCAT Self Prep course is an amazing course for MCAT preparation; however, it also has its pros and cons, which include;


  • Extremely affordable
  • It can be accessed for free
  • The founder can be accessed by candidates
  • Excellent study plans and goal tracking


  • The website may be difficult to handle initially
  • The spreadsheet for the custom study schedule

Final Verdict

Based on our research, MCAT Self Prep is an excellent prep course for candidates aiming to ace the MCATs. Based on reviews from past students and online ratings, it is very reliable, and candidates are assured of the best results after the program because of its fantastic learning modules.


1. Is MCAT Self Prep free?

Yes. You can access some basic features and get acquainted with MCAT Self Prep for free. Learning modalities like the Bootcamp, Launchpad and content modules, study plans, and social media connections can be accessed on the free package.

Advanced preparation options are, however, available on other paid plans, starting from $9.99 throughout the program.

2. What makes the MCAT Self Prep course better than others?

MCAT Self Prep is probably the only free MCAT prep program. The platform is said to be built on a strong MCAT foundation by past MCAT candidates who have mastered the tests’ concept; therefore, candidates are taught according to the outlines of the AAMC.

Practice tests, as well as drills, are carried out frequently, and candidates have access to comprehensive study materials. All of this accounts for confidence in taking the actual MCATs and readiness before the exams.

3. How do I get started on MCAT Self Prep

This is very easy. All you need to do is go to MCAT Self Prep’s office site and create an account for free. You will have an overview of the course when you complete the Launchpad, customize your study plan, and begin the program at your will. 

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