Magoosh LSAT Prep Review [2024]

Since 1991, the LSAT has been used to assess candidates who intend to enter law school. The importance of this exam has made it essential for aspiring law school students to do their best to ace it. This is why there are numerous prep courses dedicated to this task. This includes the Magoosh LSAT Prep Course.

Magoosh LSAT Prep Review

You may be considering the Magoosh LSAT course as a primary piece in your preparation for the exams. However, it is acceptable to want to be sure of its quality before committing to it. This review of the course will give you insight into what it holds, as well as its advantages and disadvantages, so that you can make the right choice.


Magoosh LSAT Prep Review

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When you opt for the Magoosh LSAT course, you will want to know exactly what you’ll be getting. Well, it’s quite a bit. These have been listed below to give you a precise idea:

  • Preparation for all of the topics that will be in the LSAT: reading comprehension, logical reasoning, and analytical reasoning
  • Online access from any of your devices. Whether you are on a PC or Mac, or on an Android or iPhone, you will be able to access your Magoosh course from anywhere.
  • Full-length practice tests are available as part of this course. These tests are full-length and timed to allow you to simulate exam conditions as close as possible. They are also official tests from the LSAC.
  • Around-the-clock email support from experienced tutors. They can help you answer any questions you may have related to the course which you can’t find.
  • More than 800 questions which have video explanations attached to them. This will allow you to understand the logic behind the answers.
  • Over 7000 official questions provided by the LSAC, which allows for questions as close to the real thing as possible.
  • Nearly 100 video lessons. These are great for when you can’t take practice tests but want to sit back and learn the theory.
  • Free trial is available for those who simply want to test it out and see whether it is worth their money. The trial will last for a week.


To make your decision as easy as possible, the advantages of the Magoosh LSAT course are listed below. This will let you know the areas in which the course excels.


If you’re looking for the most affordable LSAT course, or one that is friendly on people with a budget, Magoosh is the way to go. While their 1-month Premium plan comes in at $279, the amount of value you get from their 12-month plan is unbeatable. For only $299, you get the same access that the cheaper plan gives, but with an additional 11 months on top.

Even if you only have a month before your exams, it is really the better value option to simply go with the 12-month plan. This exemplifies why Magoosh is the optimal choice for those on a budget.

Portability and Access

A lot of higher-priced courses come with physical textbooks as a companion to their courses. For those who like to read academic material from physical books, this can be a major advantage.

However, textbooks can be big and bulky, and for people who are always on the move, a course that follows them around and fits in their pocket is always a good option.

It might be the lack of textbooks that keeps the prices down for this course, but it is likely to be worth it for most people. And with an app on both Android and iOS, your LSAT study can follow you anywhere you go.

The 5-Point Guarantee

Magoosh is so confident in their course that they believe using it should increase your score by at least 5 points. In fact, if it doesn’t, they are completely willing to refund the money you used to pay for the course.

This is rather incredible considering the fact that the price of the course is lower than essentially all others, but the company will be willing to refund if necessary. That says a lot about their belief in their product.

Numerous Hours of Videos

Reading theory and trying to understand the reasoning behind a concept is easy enough to do, but many things can destabilize you and make it harder to let all these things in. Video lessons are the clear answer here. When listening to actual tutors explain the concepts, it makes it much easier to digest and understand.

They can use language, inflections, gesticulations, and other tools which don’t work as well in text form, to drive their points home. There are more than one hundred hours of video available in the LSAT course, which includes standalone video lessons and explanations for some of the questions you will face.

24/7 Email Assistance

For those moments where you might not understand the explanation given for an answer or when you feel a little stuck, you can get helpful guidance from Magoosh’s instructors over email. They can really help to expand on explanations or provide answers to questions you might have, but they are not there for full-blown tutoring.


Of course, considering the price, there will be some things that the Magoosh LSAT course just doesn’t nail right. Luckily though, they aren’t many.

No personal tutoring

It is no surprise considering the price, but many of the higher-priced competitors allow for some form of interaction between tutors and users beyond just emails. Once again, the price makes this no surprise.

Rather skeletal course structure

A lot of the downsides of this course can be forgiven by the price. However, you’ll sometimes wish there was a bit more to this course, like live classes, test feedback, and interactive workshops. However, if you’re looking for a course that tackles what is at the core and that alone, this should suffice in most cases.

No in-person teaching

Many of the pricier options for LSAT courses have in-person teaching sessions, which are essentially actual classes. This is what most people expect when paying quite a premium for an LSAT prep course, but Magoosh is less traditional. Absolutely everything is online, which makes it easy to access, but many prefer the traditional experience. If you are looking for In person class, you might want to check other best LSAT Courses here.


If you’re looking for a course for the LSAT that keeps everything as uncomplicated as possible, then the Magoosh LSAT Prep course is likely to be the best for you. It trims off the fat and leaves you with a course which, while missing some add-ons that its competitors have, allows you to focus on the core concepts that will come in useful for the test.

This test also hits the sweet spot when it comes to pricing, as no other course is able to match giving you 12 months of access to all their content for under $300. It is honestly a steal at that price, and the disadvantages it has cannot truly be held against it thanks to that.

Affordable, accessible, and straight to the point. The Magoosh LSAT Prep is a great choice for anyone looking to write their LSAT soon. If you’re split on going for it, then the 7 day free trial provides an amazing opportunity to test it out without making a financial commitment. It doesn’t get better than that.


How does the Score Improvement Guarantee work?

There are a few requirements necessary to take advantage of this.

1> You must have taken the LSAT within the last 5 years before enrolling in this course.

2> Your previous score should be sent by email to when signing in, either as a scanned document or a screenshot. Note, the subject of the email should be “Before Score Report for LSAT Score Guarantee”.

3> If your score does not improve by at least 5 points once you have taken the test after studying with the course, then you can send your new score in order to get your full refund. However, it is expected that you take full advantage of the course material before taking the test a second time.

What percentage of practice questions are official LSAT questions?

For the Magoosh LSAT course, the only questions used are officially licensed questions from LSAC. Magoosh does not create or formulate practice tests or questions on their own. However, the text and video explanations are provided by competent experts and tutors in LSAT.

Is there any difference in the content available for the 1-month and 12-month plans?

Considering the very slight difference in price, it might seem this way. However, the answer is no. The material and resources available for both plans is absolutely identical. The only things that set them apart are the price and the duration for which you have access to the resources. The difference is so small that it is highly recommended to go for the 12-month plan.

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